The biggest wolf in the world

To the wolves throughout their existence, the man had a rather strange attitude. On the one hand, many people can not but arouse admiration for the fact that these animals are skilled predators such proud and selfish. On the other hand, even in folklore or in modern cartoons wolf endowed qualities minded and stupid creatures, who will gladly freeze your tail in the hole just because he said so sly Fox.

Of course, humanity at different stages of its development tried to destroy this magnificent animal: poisoned by different gases, has set a special trap or simply lure in the network. At the moment we know that poachers do not stop to hunt from helicopters and snowmobiles to quickly catch up with the time defenseless creature.


But the wolf doesn’t care. This animal can be attributed, along with the woodpecker, to the attendants of the forest, because he only eats sick animals, preventing infection of others. Wolves are not only guided by humanistic goals, they realize that to kill a large animal like an elk or bison is much more difficult than to fill the already unhealthy. The habitat of this predator can be considered a huge area, starting from frigid Arctic areas, ending in the Sands of Asia.

The biggest wolf in the world

Canislupus or common wolf is the largest predator among species of Canidae, which includes foxes, jackals and raccoon dogs. The body weight of this large animal often exceeds ninety pounds, height ranges from one hundred ten to one hundred and forty centimeters, and body length is about one hundred and sixty centimeters. This figure received when it does not take into account the size of the tail.

Grey wolfGrey wolf

If we consider the anthropometric data of a wolf, they are entirely dependent on where the animal lives: the climate can be cold, then the animal becomes a large mass, but if hot weather conditions, the wolves always lean and thin.

Excellent morphology, and other qualities of the gray wolf

Many still believe that modern dogs are descended from wolves, citing their similarities. But scientists have proved that none of the described species has no direct relationship to the other.

This animal can run at a crazy speed – 60 km/h. For comparison, we can take the Olympic champion Usain Bolt: he speeds up to 42 km/h, And that the fastest man in the world among the living. Front part of the head of a wolf equipped with good nerves and muscles, allowing him to Express his emotions such as joy, humility, anger and fear. Also big attention is given to the tail: depending on its position can be judged on what place in the pack is the representative.

The front part of the head of the wolfThe front part of the head of the wolf

To keep warm in the cold winter of the wolf not enough to store your body fat, it still needs something to stick round. That is why during the evolution this species appeared double-layered fur that will not freeze even at the critical temperature. As well as a variety of other animals, the wolf is shed in the summer, the color of the fur depends on the place where he lives.

There is a saying «wolf legs are fed. This is partly true, but not quite. An important attribute of his hunting became a specific structure of the jaw and teeth. In the jaws of the animal you can find about thirty-eight teeth, of which twenty are in the upper jaw and eighteen settled on the bottom. Among all teeth necessarily, there are four canine teeth with which the animals retain their prey, and four carnivorous tooth, able to dismember a body of any density.

Selepa VovkThe jaw of the wolf

It is believed that the regular voice of the wolf has a broad frequency range, which allows him to transmit any information over long distances. If you hear a wolf howl, you know, he just communicates with his relatives. The gray wolf is endowed with good mental abilities, it is very often compared to dogs, but the intelligence and cognitive function Vovk built much more complicated. Many attribute this to the ten most intelligent animal on the planet.But lives the largest wolf in the world is relatively short – only fifteen years.

The livelihoods and food

The world’s largest wolf do not belong to the top of the food chain, though this animal is a predator. To hunt this animal mainly at night, having an excellent sense of smell and good eyesight, it does not make it difficult. Its diet includes a variety of animals depending on the area of residence: in the woods he can eat deer and elk in the plains, the antelope, and the tundra reindeer. That is mainly in the diet include species of cloven-hoofed animals.

Hunting wolvesHunting wolves

If there is a famine and the usual food will not be at hand, the wolf does not hesitate there are individuals of their kind: foxes and raccoon dogs. Also can eat birds or small rodent. From this we can conclude that the gray wolf is an animal omnivorous.

Wolves live in packs, with a Patriarchal system where there is a leader, the best, the male and his female. Also these animals will credit the nature a monogamous relationship with the opposite sex, that is, they choose only one partner for life, which continue their descent.

Where the wolf lives?

This kind of animal likes to settle in the steppes, semi-deserts and tundras, avoiding dense forests. It can be observed in the mountains, but only in open areas. The wolf can live near human habitation, for example, when people were exploring the tundra and gradually cut down the forest, the wolf went after them.

In each pack of wolves has a well-defined territory of residence. Usually it fluctuates at a distance of up to sixty kilometers, determined by the specific labels. In the summer, when almost every step you can find their prey, a pack of wolves breaks up life: best part of the countryside is the leader of the pack with his wolf, and others have to be content with an itinerant lifestyle.

The wolf habitatThe wolf habitat

Also a huge role for breeding have the so-called den of predators. Wolves are not so smart animals, that can afford to build something, they find the various cracks and hiding places where their cubs would feel calm and safe. Interestingly, only the female uses these warehouses, the male does not have the luxury allows. Prey the wolves are mined far away from home, at a distance of seven kilometers, no less. When the cubs grow up, they can use a den for the family to become not feasible, then they all settle in other secluded places.

What’s dangerous about meeting a wolf to man?

A pack of wolves

A pack of wolves

The largest Russian scientist Pavlov in his writings repeatedly pointed out multiple wolf attack on humans. Scientist have identified several regions in which such actions do not become an accident. Typically, these areas did not possess the proper amount of food for predators, so they had to go to extreme measures to kill people. It can also be noted that wolves are aggressive towards people during the breeding season, because instinctively begin to drag everything that comes to hand to his home, trying to support his large family. Although the writer Farley Mowat in his book wrote that wolves are tolerant animals and will not attack a man, even one get through to them in their homes. This is only possible with representatives of the North American canids. From this we can draw the conclusion that wolves are not as simple as it seems, they always need to be alert.

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