The biggest turtle in the world photo

Leatherback turtle — it’s unlikely you’ll ever be able to find a bigger. If you measure the length of the turtle you will get the mark of two meters, and if you put a resident of the ocean on the scales, the arrow will stop at around a ton. It is found even in Russia, in the Bering sea, in the far East. The turtle leads a solitary lifestyle, and, despite its size, has a fearful temper. By the way, did you know that the largest turtle in the photo that you will see below, has no armour as such?

leatherback turtle

The role of the shell of the animal does not perform the usual stratum corneum, thick skin with a thick fat layer and rows of bony plates that form a series of longitudinal ridges. Turtles have flippers reach in the span of three meters, due to this this inhabitant of our planet has excellent maneuverability and speed. Can easily manage to dive to a depth of six meters. She eats everything — fish, jellyfish, algae, crustaceans

The impressive size does not allow you to hide your head in the shell. In the upper jaw of an animal there are two sharp and large teeth.


leatherback turtle

Not very often, about once a year or two female leatherback turtles are thinking about offspring and lay eggs. This process is not fast and not simultaneously. It’s no joke to postpone 400-700 eggs? But before the turtle looking for a place to nest. Having chosen a place which must be above the high-tide line, the female hind legs, similar to the blade digs deep, reaches 1 meter pit. There is deposited a hundred eggs. Pit densely compacted sand. Ten days later the turtle was again ready to postpone the next hundred. All of these clutches may be seven. Eggs are easy prey for the predators is they can not afford to dig such a deep nest.

leatherback turtle

Two months later, the turtles begin to emerge into the light, emerging on the coast, they immediately run to the water, but have not all — many become food. This is the fateful days in the life of the turtles, on the way to saving water is necessary to overcome difficulties in the form of birds, reptiles, some mammals. The rest have no chance for survival.

On Mexico’s Pacific coast to nest annually arrives about 30 thousand females. Among other major breeding sites were observed:

  • French Guiana – about 5-6 thousand females;
  • West Malaysia – 1-2 thousand.

leatherback turtle

Regular oviposition occurs on the Islands of Indonesia, the Australian coast, the Great Barrier Reef.

Area of residence

leatherback turtle

As we mentioned, the turtle can be found in Russia, but still an animal feels better in the tropical waters of the seas in the Pacific and Indian oceans. Most often the biggest turtle caught near the Southern Kuril Islands — presumably this is due to the warm current, passing along their line.


leatherback turtle

Adults meet in the open ocean. Most of all they love to explore the world, there are cases when the largest turtle in the photo that appears above, made a trip length of 20 thousand km – from the coast of the United States, the traveler got to Indonesia. On this mission spent more than six days. During the long journey turtle eating jellyfish, in the afternoon went down into the deep, and at night – prefer to be on the surface of the water. This manipulation allowed the animal to be in that water layer, where most of the jellyfish, creatures, doing the daily migration at different depths depending on the time of day.

The threat of extinction

leatherback turtle

Great damage to the population causes man – the usual plastic bags can kill the big turtle. Every third turtle at least once ate a bag, taking one for Medusa. It is clear that such a dinner nothing useful for the animal shall not be.

leatherback turtle

A huge problem is the harvesting of eggs and turtles, whose meat is considered a delicacy. In addition, there are deaths in fishing nets. The skin and carapace of the animal abundantly lubricated with grease which drips and grease the outboard seams and used for other purposes.

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