The biggest submarine

Titanium submarine full of electronics that is subject to the will of specially trained teams, there are twenty-four missiles weighing ninety tons each. In this article we will focus on a colossus during the cold war – a nuclear underwater cruiser. Few people know how huge it was, actually.


Once the largest nuclear submarine class «Shark», whose height is 25 meters, width-more than 23, was a force independently applied to almost any country in the world fatal damage. Now two of the three missile cruisers of project 941 are not able to boast a similar capacity. Why? They require a major overhaul. And the third, «Dmitry Donskoy», also known as TK-208, recently finished its upgrades and is now equipped with missile complex «Bulava». In existing mines, are intended for 24 missiles R-39, inserted new pads glasses. The new missile its size is inferior to the predecessors.

What is the future of strategic cruisers?


Service one of the largest submarine of the annual budget allocated 300 million rubles. But it is necessary to contain such a powerful, but not needed today, weapons? It was built six submarines of the giants, we already know the condition of three of them, and what became with others? Are removed nuclear fuel contained in the reactor blocks, cut, sealed and buried in the Northern part of Russia. In this way the government saved the budget, many billions could go on the maintenance of the submarines. Nuclear cruiser emerged in response to US actions — the introduction of submarines of class «Ohio», equipped with twenty-four Intercontinental ballistic missiles.


For the record, the US spends 400 billion dollars on armaments and the modernization of the army. In Russia this amount is ten times less, and it is worth considering that the territory of our country much more than the United States. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the chaos has buried many promising plans in the new leaders were at that time other goals and objectives. They lost three «Sharks» of the six, seventh, TK-201, did not have time to go container it was dismantled in the Assembly process in 1990.

The uniqueness of the largest submarine is difficult to overestimate the large ship has a high rate of speed. Surprisingly, for such dimensions submarine noiseless and has excellent buoyancy. She is not afraid of the icy waters of the Arctic Shark is able to hold in a state of under-ice diving for many months. The ship is able to float anywhere – ice thickness is not a hindrance. Submarine possess efficient detection system anti-submarine submarines launched by the enemy.

The threat from submarines


September 1980 — Soviet submarine for the first time touched the water. The size of it was impressive — the height is a two-story house and a length comparable to two football fields. Unusual value is made to present a lasting impression — delight, joy, pride. The tests took place in the White sea in the North pole.

The submarine «Akula» is capable of something that will never be solved, the commander of the nuclear submarine that belongs to NATO countries to move under the ice in shallow water. No other submarine is not able to repeat this maneuver — too much risk of damaging the submarine.

The military strategy of our time has shown the inefficiency of stationary missiles before they fly out of the silos for them is seen from the satellite will release a missile strike. But moves freely nuclear submarine, equipped with a rocket launcher, can become the trump card of the General staff of the Russian Federation. Each submarine is equipped with a rescue chamber that can accommodate the entire crew in an emergency.


Submarine created conditions superior officers designated cabins where there are TV sets and air conditioners, for the other crew -designed small capacity rooms. On-site submarine placed: pool, gym, and Solarium, but that’s not all, a sauna and a living area. If you are lucky and you ever see this colossus alive, you know — boat when she surfaced, we can see at the top of the white line — all the rest is hidden.

The demand for submarines

Several times I raised the question of translation the greatest submarine from military to peaceful activities. It is probable, and the costs paid back with interest. «Shark» is capable of carrying loads of up to ten thousand tons. The pros are obvious – the submarine not afraid of storms or pirates. The ship safe, fast – in the Northern seas indispensable quality. No amount of ice would not hurt the cargo to reach Northern ports. The fruit of years of hard work of scientists could benefit for years to come.


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