The biggest squid in the world

The deeper the ocean, the more its residents. Nature has taken care that in the void specimens were larger than their coastal counterparts: lack of food, lack of light, delayed puberty due to low temperature — all these factors lead to gigantism. Here’s take squid, small clams, which are so like to eat people. Because they have older brothers, 5-foot body and a 10-meter limbs. The legend of the Kraken sea monsters who emerge from the abyss and drown in the sea small ships, far from the truth.

The giant squid 8 normal tentacles and 2 hunting — a favorite victim has virtually no chance. And in addition — the biggest eyes (up to 27 inches), thick, strong and solid chitinous beak, which it grinds the fish was recorded case, when the clam managed to break the steel cable.

Samui bolchoy Kalmar

For the largest invertebrate is the largest squid in the world, competing two kinds: architeuthis longer (16.5 meters), but lighter (300 pounds); and Antarctic inferior in length, but heavier (495 pounds). It should be remembered that the deepwater animals are difficult to study, and every instance is caught, the situation may change.

Zone giant clam — kilometer depth of all the oceans. Only in 2004 the first images of a live squid in its natural environment, but the remains of skulls and half-decayed limbs frequently found in the stomachs of sperm whales, their main enemies. Moves architeuthis reactive way — filling the body with water and shooting it through a siphon, a special body of molluscs. And if he needed to flee is aggressive predators who are not afraid to engage in battle with sperm whales, but due to the difference in weight usually lose.

Samui bolchoy Kalmar

For human consumption the meat is in their body contains the ammonium chloride, with which the animal becomes lighter than water and can develop high speeds.

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