The biggest snail in the world

Everyone knows that snails are classified as gastropods class. Since ancient times they were valued for their original shell, which is spiral-shaped. Snails are both marine and land, that is why the status of «The biggest snail in the world» has received at once two representatives of this class.

Giant Australian trumpet player

The largest mollusk that lives in the water is an Australian giant trumpeter. The first specimen of this species was sighted in 1979, it was immediately brought to the Guinness Book of records. The mass of this mollusk was 18 pounds with sink. In the thickest place, the volume of the shell was 1 m and 1 cm height was up to 91 cm, and body length was about 78 cm

Giant Australian trumpet playerGiant Australian trumpet player

The spiral shell has five whorls pale peach color, which is usually pointed, however, until a live specimen, the shell is further covered with a protective gray or brown layer. The appearance of the shell is very similar to the spindle. Live giant trumpeters usually in the bottom Sands of the tides of Indonesia, Australia and new Guinea.

African Achatina (Achatina achatina)

African Achatina is the largest land mollusk that lives in Africa. The largest specimen of this species was first seen in 1976. His shell was really stunning and the size was 27.5 cm, foot snails stretched about 38 inches, a weight of such instance was one kilogram. In the Guinness Book of world records listed the following dimensions: shell – 27.3 cm, total length of 39.3 cm

African AchatinaAfrican Achatina

The largest clams that live on the planet, belong to the genus Achatina. Of course, there are representatives of this genus are smaller, but still their size is quite impressive. In nature they live mainly in the forests of the tropics. They are fairly undemanding and are an interesting feature, which manifests itself in undemanding to food: they eat plants and the remains of dead animals. People living in these areas, prepare these snails, and consider them a real delicacy.

There are several species of Achatina, and they deliberately took out from Africa, so they could explore other continents. However, not having there natural enemies that would have destroyed them, they are very quick to multiply, what caused the big damage to agriculture, destroying in turn cultivated plants.



At the same time, these large clams are very sensitive to sudden changes in the environment. Due to the fact that, in Africa, have become actively engaged in deforestation, and the residents have become more active to consume snails, their number is sharply reduced. To date, the number of these mollusks became critically low.

Unique size and attractive appearance of these creatures has led to the fact that many began to make Achatina as exotic Pets. People are trying to create for their Pets the perfect conditions for life in their homes. However, due to the fact that their population was very low, now not many people know how to breed these snails tiger.

What to eat Achatina?What to eat Achatina?

African Achatina in the West were opened to private collections. For these reasons, you can be confident that this type will not disappear from the face of the earth.

Each organism has both male and female sex organs, therefore they are on hermaphrodites, but at low population density there are rare cases of self-fertilization. Quite unique in reproduction is that it all depends on the size of shellfish: in the mating of snails is almost the same size there is a possibility of mutual fertilization, mating «mixed» snails, snail, more powerful becomes the individual female. The reason is that for egg development requires considerable expenditure of energy.

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