The biggest shark in the world

It has long been known that marine life is typical of the larger sizes. Their size is sometimes really vulnerable because reach is just mind-blowing values. If it is about such categories of marine life, as the biggest shark in the world, a leader will certainly be the whale shark.

Kitov sharkThe whale shark is the biggest shark in the world

Many are familiar with this name, but not everyone knows that under this description at the same time two kinds of marine animals are completely different families – North and South. Whale sharks South of the family live in the tropics, while the Northern giants of the family prefer cold water.

At the moment whale shark scientists has a lead the size of body. According to experts, it is regarded as the largest of the huge number of known fishes. Despite this, disputes over the size limits sharks continue today.

Record length shark reached 14 meters, this information is documented. However, it is not rare to hear information about the detention of the larger representatives of the species. Some specimens can grow up to 20 meters and more. So in 2002, near the Taiwan fishermen caught a female shark, the weight of which was 34 tons and a length of 20 meters.

Scientists explain why it was so difficult to set a limit on the size of the whale sharks. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the largest specimens to meet quite difficult, and on top the whale shark is listed as endangered, so fishing for it is strictly prohibited. For catching of animals, fishermen will answer on all severity of the law.

Kitov sharkThe whale shark

However, this fact does not particularly stop the poachers, it is only for shark fins on the Asian market, you can get tens of thousands of dollars. So even if fishermen manage to catch a whale shark, they hide this information from prying eyes, especially from the scientists. Catch dismantle at the site, all valuable pieces to keep, and send the junk back into the sea.

Despite the constant bickering scientists, no one denies that the whale shark is the largest. Very interesting is the fact that no one knows anything about how this animal reproduces. Most recently, the people confidently said that sharks lay eggs. However, at the end of the last century, the fishermen had miraculously caught a pregnant female, so now we can say that sharks reproduce by way of accesibilidade. Length just-born sharks can reach 60 centimeters.

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