The biggest shark in the world Megalodon: photo

About how sharks attack people and how they can be scary, there are many stories and movies. And the biggest shark in the world Megalodon, a photo which shows how it is terrible and large, in the entire history of Earth was the largest predator, suggestive of fear and horror on mankind. There is speculation that the size of the Megalodon shark went extinct about half a million years ago, was larger than the dinosaurs and could afford to swallow a whole car and not even choke. And what else you know about the biggest shark in the world Megalodon, a photo of which we offer in this article for greater understanding of how it could be dangerous to all living things.

The biggest shark in the world Megalodon

The size of the Megalodon

These sharks grow to lengths up to 24 meters and weighed about 47 tons. This species, while upstairs the food pyramid, spoiled their teeth considerable representatives of the oceanic world. The sharks name means «big tooth», which is justified, because the surviving remains of teeth, it became clear that they are three times larger than the teeth of modern sharks. The length of the teeth of the Megalodon typically reached 18 inches. By his aggressiveness and size the Megalodon could compete even with representatives of other species, this shark could easily kill a pack of sea lions. In the end, she must be kept in fear of not only people, but also all representatives of the ocean, who possessed a considerable size.

The found teeth, scientists were able to recreate the dimensions of a predator. First reconstructed the jaw, which can be seen today in the Maritime Museum of Maryland (USA). Just look at the photo of the jaw of the largest shark in the world Megalodon – six-foot size and huge teeth just terrifying.

Selepa Megalodon

The similarity with the white shark

The biggest shark in the world Megalodon, a photo of which allows you to imagine its huge size, was the closest relative of the white sharks. In addition to the remains of the teeth of the Megalodon was not discovered by his skeleton, so the researchers of this kind had to be judged on the size and habits of the predator, using certain knowledge about white sharks.

Size comparison of Megalodon and the white shark

Habits of Megalodon

This shark willing to eat dolphins, porpoises, sperm whales. Due to its huge size it could make his victim any representative of the underwater Kingdom. To judge the power of the Megalodon, scientists made conclusions on the basis of the found remains of victims of shark, which were marks of the teeth of the Megalodon. In the main diet of sharks included cetaceans is the remains of the bite marks, huge teeth was discovered in considerable quantity. And to determine that the teeth of the Megalodon was, quite simply, the bite looks huge, and there are typical scratches and jagged edges from sharp teeth. Scientists managed even to find the remains of whales, which were found teeth of Megalodon.

The tooth of a Megalodon

Usually, sharks attack their prey and bite in the most vulnerable place. But, according to scientists, the biggest shark in the world Megalodon acted differently. For the found remains of victims of shark scientists have found out that she rammed the prey trying to break the victim’s bones and damaging her internal organs. And after this maneuver, the sacrifice became a feast for the Megalodon. Even in the case where the victim of a shark had a large, Megalodon tactic has not changed – the shark tried to keep prey and then ate it.

Why did the Megalodon shark become extinct?

Scientists have suggested that explained why the Megalodon shark became extinct. First of all, they suggest that the reason for this was the lowering of the temperature of the water in the oceans. Because of the growing glaciers also could drop the water level. It all forced the Megalodon to go to live in warmer regions, which led to the loss of normal places for the reproduction of sharks.

The cause of death of the Megalodon could and hunger. It is possible that there was a great extinction of whales, which was part of the main diet of sharks. Left the whales chose to go to other accommodation, and the shark was difficult to find food.

Shark Megalodon rammed its prey before eating it

Also possible competition with whales-predators could lead to the extinction of the Megalodon. For example, killer whales were much more successful hunters and managed to kill many marine animals, not leaving much choice in terms of food, the Megalodon. And behind them, the shark could not catch because of their high travel speeds.

And do shark became extinct?

Scientists are engaged in today, the study of white sharks, I warn all fans to dive to depths that Megalodon might still live in the waters of the ocean. But what about the teeth that were found? Where they came from, can I ask a? However, scientists suggest that most aquatic predators prefer to be cautious and long years can be. A tooth shark might just lose.

Scientists speculate that the Megalodon shark and now can live in the depths of the ocean

Besides the shark teeth that were found last in Tahiti, scholars have given only 11,000 years. And this despite the fact that it is believed that the extinct shark one and a half million years ago. Besides, the world ocean is studied very little. And maybe somewhere in the depths of his hiding many secrets and dangerous predators among which may be the Megalodon.

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