The biggest pumpkin in the world

Pumpkin is a very common vegetable that can be seen on many smallholdings or large plantations. This plant is not very demanding climatic conditions that contributed to its spread around the world. Besides, pumpkin is widely used in cooking because it is rich in many useful minerals and vitamins, and has a great taste. Highly valued this vegetable in America. It is a symbol of one of the most popular holidays – Halloween. Not surprisingly, the biggest pumpkin in the world was grown by the gardener from the United States.

The biggest pumpkin in the world

Record holder from California

The real Queen of vegetables was presented at the annual international festival of Half moon Bay, which since 1973 is conducted in the U.S. state of California. Here in the court of the special Commission and the public present grown pumpkin farmers from the USA, Canada and other countries. First place managed to take a local resident, submitted for weigh-in largest pumpkin. The mass of the giant vegetable amounted to 933 kg.

Record holder from California

Happy owner of a huge pumpkin in the world

To grow a giant pumpkin managed John Hockley, who has long wanted to win the first prize at the festival Half moon Bay. At its disposal the happy gardener has a small plot of land, an area of only 4 acres. John almost 4 months carefully nursed six pumpkins. Thanks to his perseverance, the vegetables have reached the huge sizes. The largest grown pumpkins and won the competition. Moreover, it was included in the Guinness Book of world records as the heaviest and biggest pumpkin on the planet.

John Hockley

John Hockley did not consider his victory a Fluke. He developed a system of care for vegetables. The gardener knows that the use of chemicals to stimulate growth of plants is strictly forbidden, as this is presented for weighing vegetable will be disqualified. But using only organic fertilizers and proper irrigation, Hockley has achieved remarkable result: every day they grow a pumpkin gained weight more than 20 kg.

A review of the record holder

To win at the festival, Half moon Bay, marking the end of harvest, not so easy. Presented for weighing pumpkin needs not only to lead in volume and weight. Members of the Commission very carefully inspect the vegetable, and upon detection of any damages suspend him from competition. In addition, there is immediately carried out laboratory tests to determine did not use farmer a banned fertilizer trying to grow a huge pumpkin.

Explore the big pumpkin

Much attention is paid to weighing brought to the West of the vegetables. The judges carefully watch, that there had been any mistakes or fraud. The pumpkin carefully, not without the help of lifting equipment, weigh, and record the result. After evaluating all of the vegetables, the winner is declared.

Award of excellence

The participants of the festival Half moon Bay, won a prize in the contest weighing of the pumpkins will be awarded cash prizes, which depend on the volume and weight of the submitted pumpkins. John Hockley for the 12.5 thousand dollars. He was happy that his work so richly rewarded. Gardener noted that the money he uses for home renovation, which suffered from the earthquake.

Farmers go to Half moon Bay

Despite the fact that Hockley has managed to grow a huge pumpkin in the world, he’s not going to stop there. Gardener from California plans to continue to cultivate these vegetables, to be able to submit them to contest and win prizes. It should be noted that John will have to compete with very strong competitors. Grown pumpkin only 12 kg ahead of last year’s record holder, with a weight of 921 kg. To the same festival every year come new members who can grow magnificent specimens.

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