The biggest predatory dinosaur in the world

Fortunately for mankind the era when predatory dinosaurs in the world were still living on our planet are long gone. Don’t even want to imagine what would happen if these «cute» creatures still were in the neighborhood. Adrenaline explosion completely secured. The largest carnivorous dinosaur – what is it?


Deinocheirus is a terrible hand

It is likely that the size of this «kid» was about 20 meters. Today, in Mongolia we found only two front legs of this dinosaur. It remains only to find a complete skeleton of the monster to confirm this title. Judging by the size of the front feet (2.4 meters), it really is the biggest dinosaur predator that lived on our land.


70 million years ago deinocheirus considerably exceeded in size all existing theropods (dinosaurs eating meat). It looked like a huge ostrich with long forelimbs. Thanks to the «hands» he was climbing trees and with a sharp powerful claws, instantly tore his victim.

The Egyptian spinosaurus — spiny lizard


Semitones handsome sizes from 12 to 17 meters is one of the largest predatory dinosaurs of the prehistoric past. Its narrow elongated skull shaped like a crocodile head. Believe that he lived on land and in water, but hunted just for the water inhabitants. The recent discovery of the remains of the spinosaurus in Morocco brought that he was moving on four legs rather than two, as previously thought.

The Egyptian spinosaurus

The hump on the back of fat was possible to store energy reserves for times of drought. Ctenosaur had sharp teeth and powerful front legs that allowed him to easily catch and large fish and amphibians. On the back of this dinosaur was the ear-fin, which could serve him with the heat exchanger (1.8 m).

Velicani spinosaurus


«The Royal lizard – tyrant» had the dimensions of 14 – 15 in length and 5 to 5.6 meters in height. Weighed the t-Rex as a huge elephant (6 – 7 tons). He had the most powerful jaws and sharp teeth of all land predators. Its powerful hind legs were well developed and helped enough to run fast but only over short distances. Long distance because of the huge weight of the tyrannosaur was not under force. As a rule, he lay in wait for their prey in ambush and lightning leap were attacked. From these powerful jaws can break only adult dinosaurs, and young and old individuals become prey to this predator.


Did not hesitate tyrannosaur and carnage, the bodies of other dinosaur also served him food. Hunted these giants alone and strictly adhered to «their» territory. When the female laid eggs, then the rest of the time she spent near the nest, which could be tempting prey to other dinosaurs. Gas that filled the atmosphere in those times, the light appears 3 – 4 cub from the entire litter. Is it possible to survive in such conditions, the tyrannosaurs were doomed to extinction.

Giant Tyrannosaurus

Giganotosaurus giant southern lizard

It is likely that this predator lived in Argentina and had a very impressive size – 12 – 13 meters in length and about 4.5 meters in height. These inhabitants of Patagonia have teamed up in packs for hunting large herbivorous dinosaurs, but alone could only deal with old and sick persons. Did not shun gigantosaurus and carrion.



In the entire history of the late Cretaceous period this species can also be attributed to the largest predatory dinosaurs in the world. Many of the remains of tarbosaurus began to find in the 40-ies of the last century that allows to create a portrait of this handsome man. Lived these predators in China and perhaps Mongolia, 70-80 million years ago.


The five-ton bipedal carnivores walked on their hind legs and forelegs were disproportionately young with two toes on each foot. Tarbosaurus preyed on small dinosaurs herbivores, but can eat and carrion. Because of the instability, tarbosaur ran very quickly, and therefore, prefer to attack prey from an ambush.

Khizhy tarbosaurus

Carcharodontosaurus – sharp-toothed lizard

The representative of predatory dinosaurs lived in Africa, his remains found in Algeria and Morocco. The length of this monster was about 12 meters, weight up to 6 tons. The first discoveries of carcharodontosaurus was carried out in 1925 by French paleontologists. The predator moved on two powerful hind legs, the front limbs were weak. He also had a long elongated skull, which resembles a wide pair of scissors. The body of a predator ended a long tail.


Hunted carcharadontosaurus most often on flat terrain and can develop very good speed for such a giant size. Sometimes they wandered in the coastal area and there they had conflicts because of the extraction with another representative of the carnivorous dinosaurs – spinosaurus.


Another representative of the African predatory dinosaurs. He lived presumably in the territory of modern Egypt, Nigeria and Morocco. Predator length is 11.9 metres and a weight of 4 tons. Had powerful hind limbs, but the front paleontologists have not been able to find so far, however, as the skull, so that its image can only guess. It is believed that bahariasaurus was quite moving, and hunted near water on smaller aquatic creatures, such as turtles.


The biggest predatory dinosaur in the world – what they were and why extinct, we can only guess. But happy one – the era of giant lizards has passed forever.

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