The biggest predator on Earth

On our planet the predators are at the top of the food chain. And since we are representatives of this group, then I think it will be interesting to learn how life is the largest predator on Earth, because it needs to be in the most advantageous position?

But first we must deal with the concept of a predator. It is divided into non-specific and specialized predator, which is a threat to humans, as hunting it down.

Southern elephant

The representative of the first category, Antarctic seals, the biggest predator on Earth. Thick and short trunk, the same land his brother, and was the name of this species.


Elephant feeds on squid and fish, but still belong to the predators. For a man the biggest predator on Earth not an immediate threat, rather the contrary.

Maximum length of male was about 6 feet (females are two times less) and weight up to 5000 kg. Record of stay under water up to 2 hours at depths of up to 2 kilometers. This contributes to a large volume of blood saturated with oxygen.


Aggression show only males to its sex and only in the mating season. The female, protecting the baby may bite the researcher who invaded its territory, but at other times the animals are quite peaceful and apathetic.


But from a man with a gun who decided to deprive the elephant of life, the animal has no escape. In the past century in some areas of the sea elephants were completely wiped out due to subcutaneous fat and fur produced by whalers. The flock cut off from the saving of water and dealt with the animals alone, thrusting them into the jaws of fiery torches, so as not to waste bullets.

Currently, fishing is prohibited by International conventions and the population is almost restored, but now on some coasts of the Islands of Patagonia rust huge vats, in which heated fat of the animals 100 years ago.


Polar bear

Without a doubt the most land and the most dangerous predator on Earth that poses a real threat to people. The maximum recorded size of the animal — 3 feet long and weighs about a ton. The largest specimens are found in the Bering sea, and the usual members of the species: males — 300 to 400 kg and females 200-300 kg with a height at withers of about a half to two meters.


The polar bear is agile and fast animal, despite its apparent clumsiness. The smallest bear is not worth anything to win in a fight the big man and no wonder all the old tales bear stands-very-nice and treacherous beast. It is in our time Winnie-the-Pooh misled millions of people with his «Teddy bear» type and nature, but the ancient people didn’t expect the bears any good.


Its color helps maximum concealment, prey he can see at a distance of several kilometers, a seal (their favorite food) bear feels for 800 meters, and the water can reach a speed of 6.5 km / h. His claws represent a well-sharpened blade, punch Board duralumin boats, tear tape, and the teeth are quite able to bite the barrel of a shotgun.

People with small (from the point of view of the bear) a layer of subcutaneous fat is alapetite food for animals, so a predator often avoids meeting people. But bear with cubs in any case, sees in man a direct threat to the offspring and the most dangerous. Hungry predator never misses an opportunity to attack, and stealth.


People in places with the most dangerous predator on Earth should be as careful as he is attracted to landfills and food waste, as easy method of obtaining food. In the canadian town of Churchill, there is a special quarantine for animals that have been observed in aggressive human behavior — then they were taken far outside the city.

Feeding polar bears in the wild, people sometimes lose vigilance and become victims of aggression of the animal, which is still a predator. Also in any case should not be run at the meeting. Animal have to instinctively react, but if a person is safe to meet and to publish the strange sounds (e.g., loud hiss), likely to survive it will have much more.


Interestingly, in the liver the most dangerous predator on earth contains this amount of vitamin A that when used in food noted individual cases of human poisoning. And the word «Umka» Chukchi means adult and aggressive bear-male, and not inquisitive kid from the cartoon.

The largest predators on Land, attack people and are in the top 10 most dangerous on the planet (together with alligators, sharks, lions and tigers). People in retaliation, destroyed about 200 thousand just for polar bears, so the animal listed in the Red Book. Although now the situation more or less stabilized and the number of animals is 30-40 thousand copies – still the most dangerous predator on Earth has no chance against a firearm.

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