The biggest poisonous snake

On earth it is difficult to find creatures that fascinated and simultaneously frightened. Among these mysterious creatures include snakes that can be found in almost any corner of the planet. Because of the nature of the climate inhabited by snakes not only in Antarctica, and from Ireland providing they have cast out Saint Patrick. So widespread was introduced to snakes of almost all people, but not infrequently such «meetings» end in tears.

People are afraid of snakes because of their poison, but in fact only one tenth of all existing species is a danger to humans. And in this list has its leaders – so, the tiger snake is the most venomous on the planet, presenting a deadly threat to people.

Tiger snake

The habitat of the tiger snake is a relatively small part of Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania. It can be recognized by their appearance: the main color is dark (often brown or marsh), decorated with transverse bands, abdomen yellow. Representatives of this species that live on the island of Tasmania, are different from others they have black skin. It’s colors and became the reason of the name Golden stripes on the dark background make these snakes the color is similar to tigers.

Although tiger snake and the most poisonous, but not the biggest – an adult can reach a length of two meters.

In the victim’s body with deadly poison enters through two teeth in the upper jaw, which bite into the body when they bite. Within each of the grooves of the teeth form a hollow tube. During a bite the muscle located around the venom gland is compressed, pushing the poison in the hollow grooves of the tooth, and it hits the victim. Paralytic action directly affects the nervous system, after some time, the affected nerve centers that control vital processes such as the heartbeat and breathing. Small animals after this attack killed almost instantly, it takes a matter of seconds.

Tiger snake in the power of poison

The main food of tiger snakes are birds and their eggs, amphibians, mice.

The level of danger is considerably increased given the fact that the territory of residence tiger snakes are not uncommon. From one female can expect a numerous offspring – about 60 cubs, so representatives of this species occur very often.

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