The biggest pike in the world

Fisherman without fishing hard. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. Like any passionate person, a fisherman loves to share his stories. And you’re very unlucky, if you allow yourself to doubt for a moment that your opponent is caught, for example, the largest pike. You may suggest immediately go to the place and to interview the local population as witnesses. And, you can be sure, will confirm. And the photos will show with the caption «My biggest pike». And present a newspaper article «The luckiest fisherman of our region.» And links to give a note of about very good catch.


Fishing stories have long been part of the culture. It is possible to study history and geography and linguistics. But you are deeply mistaken if he thinks fishing is easy. Shore, fishing rod, fisherman. It would be too primitive. An avid fisherman, he and special literature reading, and the vehicle had a professional and on a bunch of forums it is signed and shares information, experiences, photos. How can you resist and not to boast the biggest pike!

The biggest pike caught

The skeleton of the biggest pike Mingasson stored in the Museum. However, evil tongues say that it is a fake. But who will listen?

Much more interesting to hear the story that caught the largest pike. In the distant 1497 hooked a big fish. Pull it had with the nets with great difficulty. She was almost white. Gray, as told by eyewitnesses. It weighed 140 kg, and up to six meters, she lacked only a 30 cm fish Miracle caused a great stir. It found a gold ring engraved with the 1230. Just think, this fish sailed 267 years. But how this ring came to her?


According to the legend, the Roman Emperor Frederick II, in lake Beckingen caught a small pike and the fin she put the ring on which was engraved the. But we can safely assume that the person he was enthusiastic, indifferent to fishing and thus his act was not spontaneous, but rather represented the scientist planned action.


However, we cannot ignore the research of historians who have unearthed some interesting facts. For example, in 1230, Frederick II could not be near the port of Heilbronn, because without a break was in Italy. The same skeptics argue that in fact the skeleton of the biggest pike caught is composed of five vertebrae of fish. That is a historical fact or a funny falsification, each reserves the right to choose for themselves.


But the Imperial pike is not the only world-famous fish. There are more Royal pike. However, it is much more modest first. They say that in 1794, when were clearing the king’s ponds, found a six-foot pike, whose weight reached 60 kg. And supposedly he Russian Tsar Boris Fedorovich taken her, evidence of this is the ring found in fish gills. The age of fish approximately 190 years. Unfortunately, no supporting evidence of this legend does not exist.

Currently, the age of the oldest pikes are present. It is much more modest and Royal and Imperial, thirty years and three years.

Pike from the lake Ilmen


The biggest pike caught in Russia with a weight of 34 lbs. was caught in the waters of lake Ilmen in 1934. About her age nothing is known, and the name of the fisherman is lucky not preserved. Since then, many have tried to beat, or at least to repeat the record, but alas. That only adds excitement to anglers.

Pike from lake Brodhead


If you refer to the Guinness Book of world records, we learn that the biggest pike weighing of 43.54 kg. were caught in Ireland, in the waters of the lake Brodawg. In General, Ireland is the undisputed leader in catching the largest pike. Says the same book of records, the share of Ireland accounts for 31% of the total.

The biggest pike in the world — the muskellunge

Distinctive features Maskinonge — endurance, size, and longevity. The largest representatives Maskinonge inhabit the waters of North America. Distinguish normal, spotted, brindle, and pure maskinonge. Fish capable of reaching 30 cm in any 4 month.


Another whether the legend, the authentic history shows that the French naturalist Pierre Radisson espíritu caught a two-meter maskinonge weighing up to 75 kg. unfortunately, there is no evidence, but based on the real possibilities of this fish, this story can believe.


However, the world record holder is considered to be a 32-pound maskinonge that was caught in 1957 in the basin of the St. Lawrence river. Record the weight of a pike caught in this region, more than 21 kg, He recorded in 1940 in the waters of the reservoir Sacandaga.


The largest member of the pike family — Masking. There are more than fifty titles (backalong, machining, tiger musky, etc). Maskinonge settle in rivers, lakes, sometimes summer residents like small streams, preferably inhabit calm average depth of the pond with prevailing areas of bottom vegetation. The presence of pike and maskinonge hard, bony jaws leads to the fact that fish are often easily broken, if the time not to strike her, strong motion forcing the sting of the hook. Large specimens should be removed from the water improvised means – baharicom or podsachka on a long handle.

Pike Museum

In Wisconsin, on the shore of lake Hayward is a huge Museum under the open sky. It presents a giant layouts to all kinds of fish, stuffed all the rare catches of various gear, and even imitation of the life of fishermen. There are exhibits, a joke. As, for example, pike, bull. The head of the pike with horns made so skillfully that many visitors take seriously this information.


The main decoration of the complex is a concrete layout of a pike with an observation deck in its mouth. It was built in 1976, with a length of 44 meters and a height of a five-story building. Under the pike pond with live fish. And if you want you can even go fishing, but with one condition that all the fish will be released back.

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