The biggest pearl in the world

Pearl jewelry is always very popular in women. This gemstone made beads, earrings, inserted it into rings. Pearls, even when stored under special conditions is not as durable as other stones, because when it is removed from the shell of the oyster or mollusk, the interaction with the air, the access of which is in the sink there. But there is in the world the pearls, which are hardly suitable for female ornaments, but because of its giant size. So how much weighs the biggest pearl in the world?

The pearl in the shell

Philippines, island Palawan, the «Pearl of Allah»

The story of this pearl, which was caught in 1934, very tragic. The locals could not find his missing young leader, who went to sea and never returned. The boy as usual, were engaged in fishing pearls for Philippine residents is one of the means of subsistence. Diving once again, in search of possible prey, he faced the giant clam, whose weight was nearly three tons.


As soon as the young pearl diver held out his hand in a half shell, tridacna is the killer instantly slammed the sash shell, and to pull his hand guy was not able to. Nothing surprising, because the strength of this giant marine life much more than humans. In search of their leader, the islanders came to the beach and found his stuff. They immediately realized that there was something wrong. When they started to dive in the location we found and the dead man, and a huge slug.

Pearl diver

Once the villagers freed the hand of the leader from captivity clam, inside they found the huge size of the pearl. It is difficult to say how old she grew up in this marine life. Its weight was about 6.5 kg. The shape of this stone is very reminiscent of a human head. The Mullah of the local mosque spotted in this jewel turban and decided to call it the Pearl of Allah.

Pearl Of Allah

Pearl has an geometrically irregular shape, and its structure and the convolutions were somewhat similar to the human brain. However, in contrast to the pearls found in the shells of oysters, she has a distinctive mother-of-pearl lustre, which, of course, was reflected in its cost. But the record Book of Guinness world records this jewel became in law, as the largest pearl in the world.

The Pearl Of Lao Tzu

In addition to the official version, there is a legend about the appearance of this «babe». The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu instructed his disciples to engrave on the jade amulet faces of Confucius, Buddha and your own, and place it in the sink of a large shellfish. He wanted thereby to show that because one shell can coexist peacefully completely different people, with their philosophical perception of the world, and all you people in peace and harmony to live on our planet. His followers were to protect the shell with the pearl for four years, in his opinion, it was meant to bring harmony and peace in society.

Pearl Of Lao-Zi

But the pearl was growing all the time, and pupils had to move it from one sink to another, more appropriate to its size. To stop the many wars that arose between contenders for this gem, it was decided to take it outside of China. In 1780 it was loaded on the boat, but the coast of Palawan, sailors caught in a terrible storm. During a storm the boat capsized, people died, and a pearl was lost.

This story introduced the world to the archaeologist-American Wilburn Cobb. According to him, the Ripley’s Museum , where he exhibited the pearl (1939), he was approached by one of the visitors, Chinese Li, and claimed that this is the pearl, the traces of which are lost in the 18th century. Expert opinion refutes this legend, as the age of the pearls is not more than 600 years, the great Chinese philosopher lived over 2000 years ago.

The Philippines pearl of Allah

At the moment the biggest pearl in the world preserved in the family of Victor Barbish. Where exactly is the stone is not known for certain, because the owner of this masterpiece keeps it in a secret underground vault in the US, protecting it from sunlight, which can damage the pearl. Appreciate the Pearl of Allah in $ 40 million.

But Victor Barbysh argues that people bin Laden offered him 60 million for the precious stone. They planned to file it as a gift to the ruler of Iraq Saddam Hussein. But the owner of the masterpiece didn’t sell the pearl and plans to eventually transfer it for storage in one of the world’s museums, where it will be able to admire everyone.

A large pearl of Lao-zi

The new record

More recently, the world had spread sensational news that there is, in the Philippines, found the pearl, which weighs much more than the Pearl of Allah. The weight of the new record as much as 34 pounds, and the birthplace of the island of Palawan.

The biggest pearl in the world

A local fisherman kept this jewel just under the bed as a talisman and did not know the true value of the pearls. When he was fishing on his boat, began a violent storm. When Pacquiao tried to raise the anchor, it turned out that he firmly caught on some snag. Diving into the sea, the fisherman saw a huge shell sizes and decided to just leave it to your memory. And if in his house there was a fire, the biggest pearl in the world still collecting dust under the bed it lucky.

Find Filipino fisherman

After he took her to a local travel Agency, a jewel it was decided to leave the city, to attract tourists from around the world. And now remains only to wait for formal examination, which may confirm that this find really is the biggest pearl in the world.

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