The biggest lips in the world

When we say «the big lips», you probably imagine a plump sexual lips, which always attract special attention. However, in our country there is a girl with so big lips that look completely unnatural on her face. Has the biggest lips in the world Christina Rey, a photo of which shows that she really is the owner of the lush lips.

The biggest lips in the world Christina Rey

Obsessive dream

A resident of the Northern capital of our country is not a «sugar» of life, but argues that prior to the execution of a cherished dream he manages to go fast. At the age of 15, Christine was very charming thin lips. But she constantly suffered humiliation from his classmates, and tied all their failures with thin lips. She thought they make her ugly, so none of the boys paying attention to her.

Ex-Kristina Rei

In her head was the obsession to have lips that had Jessica rabbit – a character from the cartoon «Who framed Roger Rabbit». This lips became delirious 15-year-old schoolgirl. When Christine was a little more Mature and got their first earnings, she decided on a serious step – to make self-injection of silicone. To have the biggest lips in the world Kristina had to go through hundreds of injections. However, one can hardly find any similarities with the beautiful Jessica.

Christina ray 15 years dreamed of having lips like Jessica rabbit

How it responded to the parents?

Christina told me that the parents did not understand his aspirations and much to her angry. However, some time passed, and they are accustomed to a rather peculiar kind daughter. Of course, the beloved child needs to forgive, especially if he is the only one.

Christina ray today

So today is Kristina Rei

So far looks like the girl who works in a nail salon. The salary of Christina’s small, but she spends most of the money received to a new «transformation». She already had to pay for his dream more than $ 7,000.

And recently, Christine said that so used to injections injections, that is simply not imagine my life without them. The more that the dream to have the plumper lips not leaving her. The girl notes that will never be able to give up the opportunity to inject in the lips of any number of silicone. However, she clearly understands that it is harmful to health, and is also quite great for the pocketbook, but of strength and desire to stop has not.

Increased attention to the lips

Wherever Kristina ray, all at once pay attention to it

Wherever Christina went, all at once cast a glance at her lips – and this is not surprising, because to meet such can rarely. The girl said that someone from the people that are shocked by her appearance, and someone really interested. At least, no one remains indifferent to Christine that, in her opinion, is a great achievement.

Christine is proud to say that is the owner of the sexiest lips in the world and firmly believes it. She does not care that most people can be disagree. Today her full lips to allow her to live a full life – though now she has no boyfriend, but she doesn’t consider herself lonely. Christina says that the lips do not let her quietly, eat and even kiss.

Beat your record!

Christina ray made his

Today, the girl dreams about how to beat your own record and make your lips more plump. However, she notes that does it all not for glory, but only for the sake of the realization of their youthful dreams. In addition, Christine does not want to dwell on the «transformation» of the lips. She did her «elf» ears (pointed top), and wants to increase Breasts. However, it has long been planned.

Not like all, but happy!

Despite his unusual appearance and various modifications,» Christine feels ordinary girl – she does not feel not like everyone else. Maybe this eccentricity made her happier, and her life became boring. To admire the girl or condemn it – matter. But she lives and enjoys the result, which is evident.

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