The biggest LEGO set in the world

The trademark LEGO is currently the most famous producer of toys. She even surpassed Hasbro toys and Barbie dolls. But few know that the history of the Danish company started with the production of wood products. Even the first Lego toys were made of wood.

However, the firm did not stop and increased to such volume that its well-known designers began to be copied by other companies producing similar toys. American author of business books, Seth Godin once said a very clever words: «If you started to copy, it means you have achieved something wonderful.»

In the world, many different designers, but I would like to pay attention to the biggest LEGO set in the world. That title belongs to the set of the Millennium Falcon». The spaceship of the biggest LEGO set in the world – a replica of the ship from the famous movie «Star wars.» Is korolinsky the ship that Han Solo at the direction of Jabba the Hutt was carrying contraband. That is why the spaceship was being sought by the Empire. Once the smuggler hired to transport people. Before Solo was not involved in such transport, but the sum he offered was so high that he couldn’t refuse. As soon as the plane left hyperspace, the heroes were astonished by what they saw. They had the planet destroyed. Despite unequal forces, the friends have rescued Princess Leia.

The Millennium Falcon

The biggest LEGO set in the world of «Falcon Millennium» consists of 5195 pieces. The model is designed of such size that fully fit mini-figures. They can be placed inside the ship. The size of the vessel 84×56×21 centimeters. The radar dish can rotate and rise, in addition, also expanded the boarding ramp. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the rotating turrets, laser guns. The upper part of the cab of the vehicle if desired, can be removed, allowing the child to play with figures inside.


Despite the outstanding size of the ship that LEGO has made another great set of «Taj Mahal», which is the number of items exceeded «Millennium Falcon». This set is suitable only for experienced designers, because you have to assemble a design from 5900 details. The whole structure is divided into three main parts, which may be separated from each other: the ground area, the middle part, and, of course, the dome. The base square is the fusion plates blue and white colors. In each corner of the square line up high columns of the minarets.


Since the model is quite impressive in size (41×41 cm), besides the set includes a huge number of elegant details, for casual games, this constructor will not work. However the true connoisseurs of architecture do not scare it, because the work was performed will bring much joy, and perhaps pride.

Taj Mahal

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