The biggest insect in the world

Among all living creatures on Earth, insects are one of the most numerous classes. The number of varieties reaches 1 000 000 000. People are still very lucky that these tiny, but many creatures mostly live in peace with them.


Even giant spiders and cockroaches from Hollywood horror films can be a real nightmare for all mankind. But among insects there are quite a large variety. In this article we will introduce you with the largest representatives of this class.

Birdwing butterfly Queen Alexandra’s

The biggest butterfly on Earth is the ornithopter or Queen Alexandra’s birdwing, which belongs to the family called Sailboats. The size of the wingspan of the giant is 28 cm.

Metalic birdwing, Koroleva Alexandre

This type was described in the beginning of the last century by A. Mick. The name of the butterfly gave the banker. Rothschild in honor of the wife of the British king, Alexandra.

The biggest insect in the world can be seen only in the tropics of Papua New Guinea near the town of Popondetta. What happened in the middle of the last century the eruption of the volcano called Lamington led to the destruction of more than 250 km2 of the habitat of this butterfly that was the main reason for extremely rare dissemination. In addition due to the reduction in the population of these insects because of the destruction of forests they were listed in the list of animals that we can’t know for sale.


Birdwing males are smaller than females. Weight 12 g, length of abdomen, 8 cm wingspan; females 28 inches. The belly and wings are dark brown with ornamentation of yellow and red shades. Males differ from females. Their size is not more than 20 centimeters. They have narrow wings of green and blue hues. The main diet of their food is the leaves of a plant called Aristolochia.

Pavlinoglazka Atlas

Pavlinoglazka Atlas

Pavlinoglazka Atlas is one of the largest butterflies on Earth. Its wingspan is 25 cm.. its Name is associated with a character of Greek mythology Atlas held on his mighty shoulders the vault of heaven. These butterflies are giants live in Indonesian, Chinese, Thai subtropical and tropical forests. They live only 10 days. And during this time the butterfly does not eat because of the oral apparatus they have. They live due to the substances they received, being caterpillars. Due to hunting, which was organized by people, the number of the variety of butterflies is extremely decreased.


Cleaver-Titan – the largest beetle on the planet. Its body length may reach 22 cm. So says a well-known entomologist Martins, who managed to catch an adult beetle with a length of just 22 inches. In museums presents instances of beetle in 17 cm or more. However, you agree that such dimensions cannot fail to impress.


But such large sizes may have only some individuals. The average length it does not exceed 13 inches. This giant can be found in the States of South America. Some dealers in the summer and winter periods arrange specture to South America to catch this giant.

The size of the lumberjack-titanium

The ground beetle is 25 g, it can be dark brown or reddish-brown color. Females are considerably larger than males and have a different structure. Lumberjacks adhere to the night life, and hiding in hollow trees or rotten stumps. And the most susceptible to the effects of light males, which are rarely caught in light trap created by the entomologists.

The Chinese mantis

The Chinese mantis

The representative of giant insects has impressive dimensions. The length of the body of some individuals of this species reaches 15 cm Is a predator that likes night life. He lives in China. The popularity and love from the farmers mantis has brought his ability to destroy all kinds of pests. The Chinese praying mantis eats locust, flies. Large adults can eat small birds. As a rule, during the process of reproduction, the females eat the males. The Chinese keep mantises as Pets. They very quickly get used to the person and without fear take the food out of his hands. At home the insects show no aggression, very calm.

Wood lobster

The village of Omar

Wood lobster is also called the giant stick insects. This is one of the largest insects on our planet. Today in the world there are very few. For a long time the giant stick insect was considered to be completely extinct, until a few data of insects were found on a small Australian island. Scientists were able to increase their population. Despite the lack of wings, the wood Omar is able to move quickly. The breeding process of this type has its own unique features. To reproduction giant stick insects don’t need a male. During oviposition, the female creates a private clone.

Giant water bug

Giant water bug

The largest freshwater insects are considered to be giant water bugs, which belong to Projectarium. This family is divided into two main types: carnivorous and herbivorous. Their body length is 10 cm. they Feed by injecting into the bodies of victims of a special, irritating substances. The victims of these insects mostly eat small snakes, tortoises. However, the giant water bugs also rarely bite and humans. The sensations from the bite of this giant insects on a scale of Schmidt, according to which measure pain and force up to 4 points – the highest reading on the scale. For comparison, the wasp sting is not more than 2 points. Additionally, the bite can cause the muscles permanent damage.

Beetle Goliath

These beetles are the heaviest beetles on the planet. Their weight is 100 grams, which corresponds to a weight of 5 sparrows! In addition they are very strong and quite difficult to hold in hands.

Length of females is 80 mm, and males – 110 millimeters. The width of the belly of the females is 5 cm, and males – 6 inches. Besides size, males have external differences from the females: on the head they have a horn Y-shaped, in females, a similar process is absent, but there is a shield, which they dig holes to lay eggs.

Beetle Goliath

The coloration of beetles Goliath depends on their place of residence. To be active they need to maintain a certain level of body temperature, which in shady places many beetles have a dark color with faint white stripes. Due to this painting them body rapidly heats up.

These magnificent creatures can be seen in the Equatorial and South-Eastern parts of Africa. Because of the specificity of their adaptation in South Africa is dominated by bright colouring, and in the Central – dark. In General, there are up to six species of Goliaths, each of which has its own unique color.

Heavy beetle Goliath

The major part of their life Goliaths spend in the trees. There they feed on wood juice, all kinds of overripe fruit. Ini like to eat and pollen. On the ground, these beetles rarely go down. In the wild beetles-Goliath live only 6 months.

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