The biggest gun in the world

Each soldier known, that the use of powerful weapons has a significant impact on the positive outcome of the battle. This is why the engineers of many countries working hard on creating huge guns that would in the shortest time to complete any battle. The biggest gun in the world is striking not only for its size but impressive firepower.

The biggest gun in the world

«Little David» — the big gun of the second world war

In 1944, the US army received a new gun – mortar, which despite its vast size, called «Little David.» The gun had a record at that time, caliber – 914 mm up To today was not built instrument with a large caliber. The creators of mortars believed that with such a powerful weapon, it will be easy to handle even with a well fortified enemy positions.

Gun «Little David» has not found wide application. Its use has significantly enhanced the firepower of the American army, which at that time were fighting the Germans and the Japanese. But after tests it was found that the instrument is not the most accurate. Besides transportation and installation of this giant demanded a lot of time, what real fighting is never enough:

  • to transport mortars should use two artillery tractors;
  • to equip the firing position, it was necessary to use many different equipment;
  • installation and configuration tools have taken at least 12 hours.
  • to charge the weapon was problematic, since the weight of the projectile exceed 1.6 tons.

After several tests the project for the production of a huge gun in the world was closed. The weapon remained at Aberdeen proving ground, where it was first tested. Now it is a Museum piece.

The Tsar cannon is a huge weapon of the middle Ages

Today in the Russian capital you can admire the second largest instrument in the world – the Tsar cannon, which caliber is 890 mm. It was created in 1586. The gun was cast in bronze and was not only a monument to the artillery, but also a unique exhibit of art foundry. Her design and concept was developed by master Andrei Chokhov.


Current researchers who had to carry out the restoration of the gun, claim that it was created exclusively for decorative purposes. So the gun could make the shot, it should be pilot hole. At the Tsar cannon is missing, which suggests that it was never fired.

«Dora» is the big gun of Hitler

Adolf Hitler before the Second world war, wanted to equip its army with the most powerful and destructive weapons. In 1936, he instructed the engineers of the steel plant to build a gigantic gun, a draft of which was provided to the leader of Germany in 1930. After 4 years the rail cannon was ready to fight.

The establishment of guns, the caliber of which was 807 mm, was kept very secret. The gun was used only 2 times, and then was destroyed. For the first time, «Doru» was involved in the battle of Sevastopol. But the weapons did not give the expected result. Shots, a range which was 35 km away, was not the most accurate. After the breakup of the projectile striking force went under the earth, and beneath the surface formed a huge underground cavities.

After the first use of cannon, it became clear that it is extremely costly, is not justified by the project. For installation and maintenance «Dora» had to involve a huge number of units to 3 thousand persons.

Gun «Karl»

The army of Nazi Germany was armed with another huge artillery weapons – mortar «Karl». Was built 7 of these self-propelled guns with a caliber of 600 mm. They are used to defeat a well-fortified places of a dislocation of the enemy.


Mortar «Karl» did the shots, the distance of which ranged from 4.5 to 6.7 km Cannon could be moved on the highway with a maximum speed of 10 km per hour. Combat kit weapon accounted for only 4 of the projectile, the weight of each of which was up to 2 tons. For service guns need a staff of 16 people.

The iron Tsar cannon

In Perm you can see the huge gun, which in 1868 were produced by casting from cast iron. It’s a huge weapon with a caliber 508 mm ranks fifth in the list of the largest cannons on the planet. It was planned to use as a primary weapon on ships and in the protection of cities. But the invention of steel allowed lighter guns, and cannon has become a historical relic.

Cavanna car-garmata

Gun «Big Bertha»

Armed German troops there were many types of huge artillery pieces. In 1914, the list was supplemented with another gun – a huge in the world of mortars with a caliber of 420 mm. This weapon has proved to be excellent in the First world war, allowing the Germans to conquer the well-protected fortress of opponents. Just fighting the use 9 of such pieces of artillery.


Mortar 2b1 Oka

In the Soviet Union in the postwar period, actively conducted to develop new weapons. In 1957 he built a huge self-propelled mortar setting «Oka» with a caliber of 420 mm, it was Assumed that the gun is to fire projectiles with nuclear warheads. After the test was identified a significant defect: the impact from the gun is huge and it significantly reduces performance. Was made 4 such a mortar, after which their production had stopped.

Mortar 2b1 Oka

Gun «Saint-Chamond»

One of the largest guns was established in France in 1884. The gun was built on a railway platform, which is a bit complicated its use because battles were often fought far from Railways. In 1917, the gun was converted and could be used as a field option. Gun 240 mm caliber was fired at 17 km away All guns «Saint-Chamond» was destroyed by the Luftwaffe in 1940.


Gun 2A3 Capacitor

In 1957 the global military community was struck by a new Soviet invention – a self-propelled artillery gun with a caliber of 406 mm SAU 2A3 was first demonstrated at the parade in Moscow. Among the foreign experts on arms were rumors that the gun was created just for the awesome visual effect. But the gun was real and has proved to be excellent during the learning trials.

Garmata 2A3 Capacitor

Gun Rodmena

During the civil war in 1863 was made a huge gun caliber 381 mm, which is in tenth position in the list of the huge guns. The weight of columbiad exceed 22.5 tons, which hampered their use. But thanks to this weapon in the civil war had reached a crucial period.

Garmata Rodman

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