The biggest frog in the world — a true Goliath

Magnificent creations of nature never cease to amaze me. In the new York Museum of Natural history are the true evidence of life rare amazing creatures on earth. The Museum will emphasize the amazing and extraordinary world created by the nature of contrasts: a skeleton of a three-metre tall MoA bird next to the skeleton of a miniature Hummingbird. The biggest frog in the world also found its place among the exhibits of the Museum due to its unique size.

The world's largest frog

What can be seen in the Museum looks more like the remains belong to a monster – metre-long skeleton with a wide bone the earth’s frogs-Goliath kind of, conraua, which is the largest representative of the genus of frogs in the entire history of the Earth. Just a pity that the population of these amphibians is declining every year and may eventually completely disappear.


Frog the Goliath is the largest of all extant species of frogs in the world that lives mostly on the banks of rivers in the depths of the tropical forests of South-Western Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Even the photo shows that this is a highly unusual instance that are unlikely to meet on the shores of the conventional pond. Goliaths prefer to be on the bend of the rocks, where they form waterfalls flowing tropical rivers.

Habitat frogs-Goliath

Goliaths, unlike other frogs, which are associated with the marsh, in contrast, prefer clean water rich in oxygen needed for normal respiration of the skin. The biggest frog in the world requires the highest level of humidity, so not right for her open Sunny places. Also, it requires a certain temperature: in Cameroon, water is always heated to 22 degrees.

Frogs giants spend their time in the water or on the rocks favorite. With the impending threat, the Goliath makes a dramatic leap into the pond, where he was hiding for 10 to 15 minutes. The security status of amphibians usually get the gray-brown rocks under a waterfall with whom they have such jewelry – leather on the back greenish-brown, belly and legs yellow or white.

Masking Goliath

Goliath instantly react to the appearance of the slightest danger, they are always alert and capable of a sharp jump to disappear in the water. Goliaths are very vigilant, shy, and secretive — it is difficult to approach. These amphibians are very well developed acute hearing and vision by which they see at a distance of 40 meters in order to keep out enemies.

What is the world’s largest frog

Food Goliaths are mostly insects (among favorite food — grasshoppers, cockroaches, grasshoppers), but they also don’t lose sight of rodents, Scorpions, spiders, small birds, worms, clams, crayfish, crabs, turtles, small frogs, and snakes. A turtle is sent in search of prey at night. Because of the massive and strong legs, the Goliath can make a quick jump up to three meters, and then to squeeze his victim’s body.

food frogs Goliath

Such active hunting Goliaths spend a lot of energy, very tired and long to be restored. Their most dangerous enemies are man, large birds, fish, crocodiles. Frogs Goliath no vocal cords, they do not emit any sound, therefore, are considered silent animals.

Goliaths are held on wet and slippery stones with swimming webbed toes on large hind legs. Powerful legs help them to resist strong river currents. Therefore, a huge frog was sitting even on a powerful and dangerous falls of the river Mbeya river.

The size of the Goliath frog


In more quiet places with dry season females Goliath leave about 10 thousand eggs. Eggs are deposited on aquatic vegetation at the bottom of the pond. The process of turning an egg into a tadpole lasts about 70 days. The tadpole is usually born 8 mm in length, but six weeks is growing rapidly 6 times (4.8 cm).

Concern about the largest frogs in the national Park

First, herbivores the young Goliaths eat aquatic vegetation. Over time, they get rid of the external gills and tail are gaining weight. In a healthy condition is a tailless amphibian grows up to 33 cm in length (sometimes the full length is up to 91 cm) and up to three-kilogram weight (maximum 6 kg). Females are slightly larger than males in size. Frog-Goliath live about 15 years (maximum age – 21 years).

Endangered species

Unfortunately, frogs and Goliaths are endangered species, their current number is constantly decreasing because of yield, of export, content in captivity in zoos or from private owners, trade, merciless eating and safe destruction of their habitat. Today, in areas inhabited by Goliaths for many years there has been active logging. Illegal fishing using chemicals pollute the water in rivers.

Favorite African tribes

Some tourists in order to eat meat frogs catch her spinning. In the US frogs Goliath had on a kind of competition in the long jump. Some local residents wildlife of West Africa believe Goliaths precious delicacy.

But the pygmy tribes Biel and the tribes of the Fang, who live near the waterfall MBIA river, no hunting of frogs, giants, and appreciate and fondly call them «nia-MoA» («son»), because amphibian grows to the size of the baby. In addition, Equatorial Guinea is the national Park of Monte Alen, which is to face the environment of frogs Goliath.

Goliath - endangered frogs

It is obvious that before a person to live in harmony with nature, you must observe the safety of its creatures, to stop cruelty to animals and destruction around the world and then the big frog will delight and our descendants.

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