The biggest fish in the ocean

Many who know what it is – the biggest fish in the world? Presented to your attention the whale shark is the first man documented the meeting with her in 1828. It is the largest species of fish, its length is usually ten meters, the largest specimens are about 20 meters. This species feeds on various small creatures, small fish, plankton, small squid. Like whales, they move with an open mouth, swims where their food is. There is a special filter device, which is the whale, yet such a body is present in largemouth and giant sharks.


This is the largest fish in the oceans can boast speed, usually slower swims 5 miles an hour, but generally her character is pretty bland. Swimming is not dangerous, because the kidney to her ride. Generally whale sharks are found in tropical latitudes, while floating in small flocks to meet them alone is quite rare. Following the plankton, they can swim great distances. It is noteworthy that the fish scientists know relatively little, while trying to find out as much information – now it is a rare species that could soon disappear altogether. This contributes to the poaching in South East Asia, where the meat of this fish much used as food. The exact number of scientists to learn yet. There are no exact data about its age, probably life expectancy is 60 years Mature, this fish gets to the thirtieth anniversary.


In addition to this huge fish then there are other great, which would be worth to tell.

Mississippi pancernik


The so-called alligatoridae pike, it – Mississippi pancernik. Billfish are found in North and Central America. Most often they are found in fresh water, but scientists have met them in salt. Usually they live near the shore. It is noted that the body of this creature in length can reach 5 meters, the standard size – about 3. Some fans of exotic keep the fish in the aquarium, only need a very large – about 1000 liters.


a month

Among bony fish stands out a fish – the largest fish in the oceans has a rounded body, from which it got its name. Typically, fish length is approximately three meters, and it weighs a lot – about one and a half tons. The biggest instance caught weighed more than 2.2 tons and length more than four metres. Information about it was even listed in the Guinness book of world records, caught the fish in 1908.

Fish boasts a custom body short and high. Has a very thick skin, which is very difficult to hit. Fishermen say that even the harpoon may not always pierce the skin of this creature. For this reason, predators, it is not particularly attracted to this the biggest fish in the oceans is very difficult to eat.

The fish is quite slow, and because of irregular shape, usually lying on its side. Extremely apathetic being that a lot of surprises a lot of sailors, even if you get her out of the water, she did not oppose it. the researchers suggest that all the problems of fish because of its small brain, it weighs only four grams.

a month

While it is fairly widespread, it will be able to catch in the waters of the various oceans such as the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian. Often it happens off the Norwegian coast, sometimes looks into the sea of Japan. You’ll be extremely prolific – at one time she will lay lots of eggs — up to three hundred million. Of course, to adulthood living out each of the fish, otherwise these beings would long ago have filled the water of all oceans. The food there is quite unassuming – absorbing plankton, the larvae of jellyfish, ctenophores.

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