The biggest Ferris wheel in Russia

People have always wanted to see the world, «bird’s eye». And this is not surprising because from a great height is possible to see many objects and contemplate their beauty. The first such construction was presented in Chicago (1893). Despite the primitive, this wheel had a height of 80 meters, and weighs 2,000 tons. Want to see the world from a height was assessed beauty and attractions are about twenty minutes – just enough wheel for one turn.

It has been many years since the advent of the first «Ferris wheel», but today these designs are extremely popular. So a lot of them in our country and around the world. Architects and even started a kind of competition to create a high and comfortable designs that give the opportunity to people happy to ride above ground and see many interesting things. Let’s find out what is the biggest Ferris wheel in Russia, as well as a Ferris wheel, the largest in the world.

The Sochi wheel

The tallest Ferris wheel in Russia in Lazarevsky Park in Sochi

The tallest Ferris wheel in Russia in Lazarevsky Park in Sochi. The height of the structure created by St. By Gnezdilova equal 83,5 m. Opened this attraction in 2012. The wheel has fourteen open and closed booths. For the implementation of the circumference of the wheel need eight minutes. Carrying out high-altitude journey, Lazarevsky Park guests can see the Caucasus mountains, the Black sea and magnificent views of the entire resort. The ticket price depends on the type of cabin and time of the attraction – it is from 200 to 350 rubles.

Moscow wheel, dedicated to the 850th anniversary of the capital

Moscow Ferris wheel, dedicated to the 850th anniversary of the capital

The biggest Ferris wheel in Moscow (the second largest in our country) is present in the Park at the exhibition centre. The author of the project was too St. Gnezdilov, which the wheel was designed for the 850 anniversary of the capital (opened in 1995). It is the tallest Ferris wheel in Moscow is made up of 73 meters. Is the design of the 35-year indoor and 5 outdoor booths. In 7 minutes, during which time the Ferris wheel makes one revolution, you can contemplate the beauty of Moscow, which is open to all wanting to go. Before performing high-altitude travel should know that children under 16 years of age without an adult on the wheel are not allowed, also prohibited the entrance to the construction people, the growth of which is less than 140 cm the ticket Price for this attraction is 300 to 350 rubles.

Kazan wheel

A 55-metre Ferris wheel is located in the Park

A 55-metre Ferris wheel is located in the Park «kyrlay». It is equipped with 40 closed booths that fit 6 people. In one hour, this wheel is ready to show all the beauty of the city of 3,600 applicants. In the evening on the wheel light up 10,000 light bulbs, give visitors the feeling of this tale.

Perm wheel

A 50-metre Ferris wheel in Perm

Installed at the highest point of the city, the wheel started to act for the celebration of Victory Day in 2013. Is the 50-metre construction in Gorky Park. A feature of this wheel is the room, which is located in the base of the construction area of this building is 400 m2. Perm wheel allows you to see the city attractions even in the winter because the cabins are heated.

Kaliningrad wheel

Ferris wheel in Kaliningrad height of 45 meters

In this city in 2012. operates 45-foot Ferris wheel, is equipped with 20 closed cabins, which have air conditioning. Provided in it and two VIP cabins, which are in addition to air conditioning there is a fridge. Spin control is carried out using the remote control that allows you to adjust the speed of the wheel relative to the minimum time is one round in about one minute. In one hour, this ride is able to raise to a height of at least 1,000 people.

The world’s tallest wheel

Soaring Singapore reaches up to 165 meters

And the world’s tallest Ferris wheel is in Singapore. «Floating» Singapore extends up to 165 m. during the 37-minute design makes one revolution – during this time, you can enjoy the waterfront and the surrounding Islands. Design is equipped with 28 cabins that can accommodate up to 28 people.

Wheels are scheduled to open

It is planned to construct in Moscow a Ferris wheel with a height of 275 meters

In the capital of our country planned to launch the tallest Ferris wheel, the size of the spire which will be 275 m. the Ride will be a two ring, symbolize, according to the author, «Union of Moscow and St. Petersburg.» And one of the rings will lie in the horizontal plane, and placed in it will fountains, restaurants, Museum, winter greenhouse. The ring is vertical, which will act as the Ferris wheel will have a height of 221 m. it is expected that the wheel will feature 48 cabins.

Soon work the Ferris wheel in new York, which height is 190 meters

Very soon, «Soaring Singapore» will be removed from «pedestal,» and the championship among the largest Ferris wheel will take the new York wheel, which is scheduled to open in late 2015. The height of the structure is equal to 190 m. in Total, the wheel 36 is provided booths in which for once you can carry 1,400 people.

Three largest such attraction being built at the moment. This Ferris wheel:

  • Beijing – 207 m;
  • in Berlin – 175 m;
  • Orlando is 122 m.

However, while the construction of these facilities was suspended due to lack of funds. Perhaps in the near future and these rides will delight people beautiful city views, landmarks, rivers and bridges.

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