The biggest carp in the world

Among the flora and fauna that reside on our planet, scientists have identified four kingdoms: Animals, Bacteria, Fungi and Plants. Despite the species diversity of fish, the figure reaches twenty two thousand, they do not isolate from others as a separate category, and belongs to the Animal Kingdom. Scientists have divided the species into those living in fresh and marine waters (in Russia there are about 1,500 thousands of types and only 300 of them belong to the lovers of unsalted water).

About 22 species of fish – the representatives of the carp family. Carp and tench love small creeks and ponds, and Carp and Gudgeon, in contrast to rivers with high current, others feel comfortable under any conditions – bream, roach and communication.


Fish carp is the object of a good catch. At this point in our country caught tens of thousands of tons of this little fish. Farmers love to plant this species in water bodies.

Distinguish carp from other?

Carp is a small fish, the size of which can reach fifty or forty cm, depending on species. This fish likes warm and stagnant water, it can be found in the various creeks, ponds and small rivers, which are teeming with bottom silt. That is, «go for carp» possible only in summer, in winter he goes to sleep, becomes completely still. This property helps to save energy and heat to overcome the intense cold, when the water begins to depend on ice from all sides, carp quietly get over it.

What feeds the fish?What feeds the fish?

In the diet of carp consists of small invertebrate animals such as crustaceans and mollusks, and plants. This fish is divided into several types: silver carp, gold crucian carp and goldfish. To distinguish them from each other is very simple: the silver carp has a very strong scales, along with its tail fin is a small speck of that gold is only at a very young representatives and is lost with age; the color is silver — gray, Golden — yellow, but the first may also have a second colour under certain conditions. Goldfish have been bred in artificial conditions, the basis for her breeding was a Golden carp, they are not found in open water, so will not get the fisherman on the hook.

Carp are a very slow fish, all his movements are unpretentious and heavy. But in spite of this, you can never predict how to behave in the fish at one time or another. Young anglers frequently have difficulty in determining caught, because carp are very similar to carp, the only difference which has a mustache.

The heaviest carp

The biggest carp in the world, weighing in at five pounds, caught a resident of a small village Osina, Igor Ivanov. Pensioner caught this giant on lake, whose name is identical to the name of the place where he lives.

How to catch big carp?How to catch big carp?

The British also love fishing

According to some estimates, the biggest carp in the world, a photo of which, unfortunately, has not survived, was caught by Englishman Martin Loki. Briton in one of the few fine days in your Kent, decided to go fishing. Went to the big pond threw a few rods, quietly went to her tent, deciding to lie down on the couch, not yet rang a bell on one of the rods. Martin, startled, quickly ran out and started to pull the fish to shore: the production was so large and heavy that in the beginning the young man took her by the usual snag, but getting closer and closer pulling her to him, began to understand that it’s exactly the fish, and huge. Soon on the shore Martin pulled just some animal, a weight of 42.6 lbs. After weighing and obligatory photos, the British decided to release the poor fish back in the water.

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