The biggest cake in the world

As a rule, any special event ends with a delicious and beautiful cake. Without this attribute, it is simply impossible to imagine a wedding, birthday or anniversary home. And has long ceased to be popular just products with roses or various texts instead of all that pastry chefs surprise the world huge culinary masterpieces that are not only made of different ingredients, but are, for example, Hobbies, birthday, portraits of the newlyweds or even a card settlements. It is the originality and incredible sizes different the large cakes, to admire which we proposed in our original rating. We start with the «small» cakes, the weight of which, however, exceeds one ton, and finished the rating the huge.

The largest cake sculpture

The largest cake sculpture made in Italy

This year the Italians on the Trade show introduced the world to the impressive size of the cake, the weight of which exceeded one ton. This masterpiece length of 16.46 m and a width of 13.94 m was written on the pages of the Book of records as the largest cake sculpture. Area culinary products amounted to 244 m2. The basis of his hundred master bakers put the cake, and on top of the product coated with the sugar glaze. The main theme of the cake was a map of Italy with the main attractions of the country – on a creamy white background highlighted the beautiful figurines of the Roman Colosseum and the leaning tower. To make this cake masters took four days. After the official registration of the record, the cake was cut into 12000 pieces and tasted by the visitors. Well, if you have a big event you can find here congratulations

A huge cake for the anniversary of Gum

A huge cake for the anniversary of the Rubber weight of 3.5 tonnes

Still larger size had a cake made for the anniversary date Rubber. It was made in the form of reduced copies of the Mausoleum. The weight was a little more than 3.5 tonnes. Cake height was three meters and the diameter of its base is six feet. Cakes sponge cake, the top decorated with marzipan, icing, jam from berries and medals made of chocolate, was a great treat for guests who came to the ceremony to the GUM. Part of the product was sent to the orphanage, sponsored Rubber.

A huge wedding cake

7-ton wedding cake for the newlyweds from the United States

A cake weighing almost 7 tons was made especially for the newlyweds from the U.S. who got married in 2004. For baking this masterpiece 58 confectioners took three days. The result is a three-meter cake with vanilla-almond flavor, decorated with beautiful bows and hearts. Such a cake would be enough to treat 59000 guests, however, this number invited to the wedding were not there. And probably left a considerable number of pieces of cake, the fate of which, however, is unknown.

The huge size of the cake to the birthday of Astrakhan

The huge size of the cake 452-anniversary of Astrakhan weighing 8 tons

The champion among the culinary masterpieces of Russian pastry was a cake dedicated to the 452 anniversary of Astrakhan. Culinary masterpiece with a weight of 8 tons and a length of 247 meters, made with a picture of the Volga river and coastal cities have been able to try all those coming to the festival the citizens and guests of the city. This cake was recognized as the longest cake made of more than 2000 cakes, 400 pounds of butter, 400 pounds of condensed milk, 250 litres of cream and 20 pounds of chocolate.

A huge ice-cream cake

Canadian ice cream cake, weighing over 10 tons

With this confection, we will start presentation to your attention cakes that exceed their weight the mark of ten tons. The canadian company «Dairy QueenCanada» together with a group of students made the delicacy, the weight of which exceeded 10 tons. Product consisting of 9,000 kilograms of ice cream and sprinkled with chocolate chips, was able to try everyone.

The biggest strawberry cake

The largest strawberry shortcake weighing 11.6 tons

Scored a huge cake and Filipino pastry chefs, which introduced the world masterpiece with a weight of 11.6 tons. The creators of this culinary miracle decided to sell the cake at a price of 25 cents per piece. As a result, this is recognized as delicious the cake tasted about 50,000 people.

A huge cake for the anniversary date in Fort Payne

58-ton cake for the 100th anniversary of Fort Payne

Master pastry from Alabama has created the largest cake in the world – a product designed for the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the city of Fort Payne, had a weight of 58 tons. The cake was a makeshift map of the state with local nature and cities.

A huge cake pastry chefs of Las Vegas

A huge cake weighing 59 tons of pastry chefs from Las Vegas

However, the record of the masters from Alabama «surpassed» pastry chefs of Las Vegas, who baked the biggest cake in the world, a photo that clearly shows how much tried to master his craft. 59-tonne culinary miracle appeared on the pages of the Record Books as the biggest cake in the world. Its width was 15 meters, and in length it is equal to 31 meters. This cake was voted the most flat in the world, because the height was only fifty centimeters.

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