The biggest bulldozers in the world

It is impossible to imagine major construction without this transport. He is preparing the ground, digging various trenches and pits, clears the area of debris. The machine is simple in design, versatility, reliability and performance. Because it executes on the construction site of the many features that the manufacturers are trying to produce a powerful model. Some of them reach enormous sizes. The proposed ranking of the biggest bulldozers in the world.


CHETRA vujcich 40Ya

This industrial tractor is equipped with a powerful engine to 590 HP dozer Tank holds 1200 liters of fuel. The transport is equipped with six wheels, which planted the caterpillar. As a result, it is perfectly maneuvering on construction site easy moving in any direction. Product weight is 68.5 tons.

Fiat-Allis FD50

Fiat-Allis FD50

Power unit weight up to 80 tons. This model is an improved version 41B Dozer. Despite the excellent performance, powerful engine Cummins VT28-C 600 HP, the latest release of the bulldozer was in 1989.



Tractor Russian production impresses with its dimensions. Only the length comes to 12.5 m and weight is about 106 tons. This should take into account that the bulk of the takes care of attached equipment. The package includes the engine with the function of water cooling.

The management of the bulldozer by means of two levers. Stop the T-800 can be done by clicking on the bottom panel. It works only at the working engine. If bulldozer stalls while driving, it will auto brake.

The speed of the tractor can not boast. The maximum rate is 14 mph. But, for Assembly of a similar level, the main thing is not speed, but strength and capabilities. T-800 is doing quite well with the moving rocks. Today it is actively used for construction works and industry.

Komatsu D575A

Komatsu D575AThe biggest bulldozer in the world

To date, this unit is the largest bulldozer in the world. For the first time the future model of the Japanese firm presented in 1981. Because of the economic circumstances of its production began 10 years ago. Mostly interested in the giant coal mining company, located in America and Australia.

Today, the bulldozer is equipped with an engine power of 1150 HP So it is used for work where you need a powerful thrust. This tractor is powered by a diesel engine. Of isolated water-cooling, turbocharging.

ACCO dozer

ACCO bulldozer

It can be put on the list as the biggest bulldozer in the world, so no one saw. According to the draft tractor has a weight of 183 tons. It was assumed that it will clear large areas for construction. For this purpose it is equipped with a powerful engine 1300 HP it was Planned that the unit will be exported to Libya. But the UN, suspecting the President of this country in connection with terrorism, imposed sanctions on this order. As a result, the giant ACCO dozer, was never put into operation.

To date, the company ceased operations. What will happen to the largest aggregate is unknown. Perhaps it will take a worthy place in the Museum will become a pile of scrap metal.

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