The biggest bull in the world

Meat Italian bull breed gives value around the world. Porcelain bull or canine considered the largest.

The name itself tells about peach or white color of the breed of bulls. Strange fact that most big bulls are renowned for their kindness, while others are rage and anger. Occasionally put porcelain bulls in the competition, but if such happens, the bull leaves the victim alive.


A few hundred years ago there was a breed of chenini. Its name comes from the geographic location – the Tuscan valley Kiani where farmers themselves brought this breed. After crossing Podolski breed began to appear calves over 45 kg of weight. The adult began to achieve more than a ton in weight and 180 cm at the withers. Weight porcelain bull is not based on fat, and on a large number of muscles and muscles.

Bull, Donato

BIC Donato

Historians said that the largest porcelain bull was the animal named Donato. Existed in the 20th century in Switzerland. It weighs over 1,700 kg and withers had 195 see

Bull Chile

Bull Chile

Farmers are not stopped at China rock and soon brought frezinsky. A huge bull named chili now weighing about 1300 kg. the Story of finding sad, because the little calf dropped by the animal shelter. From year to year, Chile is gaining at 90 kg in weight, farmers believe that it is possible to increase weight more than 90 kg. This individual brought in the Guinness Book of records as the biggest bull in the world. Now Chile is gaining popularity among visitors. After all, affect not only the size but also the good disposition of the animal.

Bull Trigger

BIC Triger

Another one of the huge bulls of the planet there are animal named Trigger. The story of life is strange. Somehow the family wanted to slaughter a bull is still small, but the neighbor stopped the owners and he was right. Now that the Trigger has reached 1.2 tons of weight and 196 cm in the withers. Feeding consists of a large number of grass and apples. The owners always take tourists and people wishing to see the bull, to calm the visitors Trigger sawed off horns.

Bull Field Marshal

BIC Field Marshal

The winner of today weight is the bull unique Charolais field Marshal. With a weight of 1700 kg, it reached 190 cm at the withers. English farmer bought a calf at the animal market at the same time, without thinking what the masses it can reach. Field Marshal eats a lot less than individuals of the feminine.

Strange, because the representatives of the Charolais have a humble behavior and significant weight. Also, the bulls are renowned for maternal instinct and good health. Many animals can live for over 15 years.

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