The biggest book in the world

Books occupy a special place in our lives. It’s hard to imagine the man who for a lifetime have not read a single printed book. But with the development of information technologies, many avid readers moved into the virtual library and the printed products are not so popular as in the last century. The biggest book in the world more suitable for collectors than for ordinary readers. After all, this book alone to raise almost impossible.

The biggest book in the world

Superbook, Denver

In the U.S. state of Colorado was issued a giant book, which until recently was considered the most important book in the world. This creation weighs 252,5 kg, though it is only 300 pages. To pick up the book to invite a special team of movers, and it is unlikely this instance will be a place in the home library of an ordinary man. But as a collectible it is of great interest for lovers of unique publications.

Superbook Denver

The biggest book for kids, Russia

In 2004, the overseas record was broken by publishers from Russia. They printed a book for children, the size far exceeds her denverbuy «colleague». The weight of this edition of 492 pounds, and the page area of 18 square meters. In creating this masterpiece was attended by prominent Russian academicians and children’s writers.

Work on the book took place in the open air, was first placed a wooden bench, and only after that it are glued together using special technology. After completion of the work on the book, it was decided to send to Moscow international book fair.

The big book for toddlers

In order to deliver your masterpiece to the destination, the creators were forced to seek the assistance of owners of construction machinery. Only a truck that transports heavy panels for construction of houses, could cope with the task. To carefully download it to the car had to invite 15 people, so severe was this edition.

Visitors to the 16th Moscow exhibition was just shocked when I saw a book of this size. Many book lovers did not even know that there are such books. Today one of the fragments of this edition you can see firsthand at the Izmailovo Kremlin. The book was awarded a special prize from the Russian club «Southpaw», and it is not its only reward.

«Giant visual Odyssey through the Kingdom of Bhutan», Massachusetts

This edition is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the biggest book in the world. The author of this giant book (152 cm in length and 213 in height) was a researcher from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, Michael Hawley. The book is 112 pages and a weight of about 60 kg.

Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom is an encyclopedia in one single country, presented in the form of vivid pictures. Through these pictures you can see the beauty of flora and fauna, and portraits of people and architectural structures. In creating this book was attended by American, European and Asian photographers, known all over the world (David Salesin, Zhang Min, Carolyn Bess).

Giant visual Odyssey through the Kingdom of Bhutan

When creating this unique publication uses a special technology of digital printing, anyone can order a copy for your home collection. However you will have to pay $ 30,000. This is not surprising, after all, to create a single book wasting about 4 gallons of paint and paper, which would be enough to cover a football field. Today there are about 11 copies that are stored in private collections around the world.

Magnificent Maps, Netherlands

This wonderful Atlas was presented at the British exhibition in 2010 and consists of 37 printed cards. Its dimensions are 180 cm tall and almost 2 meters wide, the imagination of the audience. But «the klenke Atlas» was first created in the 17th century (1660 ad) and was originally conceived as an encyclopedic Atlas of the world.

It was a gift from the Dutch merchants, led by Johannes Blade for the English king Charles II. Presented Atlas of the monarch to celebrate his ascension to the throne. For 350 years, this rare edition was not available for public viewing, and only by decision of the Royal library of her magnificence were able to enjoy all comers.

Satin Blade

In total there are 30 copies of this edition, and anyone can get a just $ 100 000. So expensive I can not afford not just a simple book lover, but not each collector from around the world.


Among the big books are not only printed, but also electronic publications. And once printed, the book will always retain their size, the electronic encyclopedia «Wikipedia» every year becomes more and more.

In 2001, Americans Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched the online directory, which has become the most popular and voluminous in the world. A resident of every corner of our planet is now able to find any needed information in their native language.

A distinctive feature of this encyclopedia is the fact that anyone can become a sponsor. If a person has reliable information on some issue, it can create and edit articles in this book. And while occasional acts of vandalism or making false information, these opportunities are quickly terminated.


This electronic encyclopedia is in sixth place in attendance among non-commercial sites. Particularly popular is an electronic edition acquired from students who use his materials in the learning process.

The Wikipedia Logo

What would have been the biggest book in the world, printed or electronic, with pictures or cards, the most important thing that the creators of these works has invested his whole soul into these masterpieces.

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