The biggest bird in the world

How many interesting creatures from the biggest to almost invisible surrounds us! And even some of the types we have no way to communicate personally, but about their living descendants, we can learn all that interests us. So the direct descendants of the largest creatures that ever inhabited our earth, dinosaurs are birds. And the biggest bird in the world in our time was called the African ostrich. About him and talk.


The scientific name of this bird sounds like Struthio camelus or Sparrow-camel. These amazing creatures, despite their kinship with the birds, do not know how to fly. Although it has very good, even the lush plumage. But more than 150 kg live weight to lift into the air is not so easy, so the height of the «bird flight» ends at around 2.5 m (the growth of poultry).

The biggest bird in the world has a fairly stocky build, very strong hind limbs with two fingers, one in front and the other evolving in the hoof, behind. Pectoral muscle, keel and wings underdeveloped. Last on the ends have some claws. The famous long neck ostriches ends in a small slightly flattened head, with a straight beak.


Individual words stand the eye of the ostrich. Large and round, reaching a diameter of 5 cm is framed by a border of fluffy eyelashes, they both weigh in at more than two Aza the brain of this bird. Those are the biggest eyes of any that can boast the earth’s creatures.

Do not fly, but a good run

Nature has not endowed ostriches gift of flight, but taught them how to flee from enemies. The ostrich runs very fast – can accelerate to 70 km/h, with one step may be equal to 4 meters. His strong limbs in moments of danger can become very serious remedy. Ostrich can be a blow to injure and even kill an attacking predator, including the lion. But no reason to kick, they will not. To a person in the wild are indifferent, but unable to rush to the defense of the territory.


The most common myth that ostriches bury their heads in the sand, thinking that thus protect the rest of the body that is associated with the ability to run well. After a long marathon in the largest birds in the world simply does not remain forces to keep its long neck at the top, and his head falls exhausted on the ground (not sand). However, there is another explanation for this observation: in a moment of danger, the female tries to prostrate on the ground the whole body and hides his head to protect the egg. So she tries to blend in with the surrounding nature. But if to approach her, she will rise sharply and run away.


Ostriches in the wild

Ostriches in the wild can be seen in savannas and semi-deserts of Africa and the Middle East. Once there were ostriches that live in India and in the southern parts of Eastern Europe, but today they are considered extinct.

Ostriches like the company. Live in small groups that include one male, several females and juveniles. To stay close to herds of zebras and antelopes, which graze and even may migrate with them for long distances.

The usual food for them are plants, flowers, fruits and seeds. However, ostriches will not refuse, insects, small animals, reptiles. Such solid food are digested easier, they swallow pebbles of small size, and other items (even nails). Ostriches drink a lot of water, and take great pleasure in doing water treatments, but unable to withstand a long time with no fluid at all, from getting the necessary plants.


Caring for ostriches

The biggest bird in the world is fit to fight with the enemy in the wild, but she had nothing to defend himself from the arms of the man who in his time loved the feathers and their tender meat. Because of this, ostriches have become active to destroy, and who knows what would be their fate if the person has started to breed ostriches in special farms. To the surprise of many ostriches are very well adapted to life in captivity, and even in winter Russia feel quite comfortable.

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