The biggest beetles in the world

On our planet lives of a huge number of all sorts of insects. Among them there are both large and small, beautiful and not very many of them listed in the Red book. Butterflies, spiders, mosquitos, every species occupies its own special place in the total organism of nature. What are the biggest beetles in the world and where they live?

Lumberjack – titanium

This giant of the insect world found in Brazil and French Guinea, and, despite its monstrous size, it is not dangerous for people. These beetles hide their eggs between the scales of bark and have to take a long time before the light will be offspring. The size of the adult beetle varies from 7 to 17cm, but scientists suggest that it is possible to meet and larger representatives of this species.

Beetle drovorub

Essential nutrients for its development, the beetle gets when is on the stage of development of larvae feeding on wood rot. Adult males do not need food, but only energy for flight. The woodcutter was so great that soar from the earth can not, and crawls on the tree and there falls on the air. When the beetle senses danger, it starts to sizzle and floats your paws with sharp claws and powerful jaws.

The larva of the Titan

Woodman-titanium is never the first to attack people, but if necessary can take care of himself, so treat him should be very careful. Insect collectors are willing to pay for one instance of an adult male of up to $ 500.

Beetle – Goliath

This insect is found almost throughout Africa, and in addition to the huge size and considerable weight. They are not only the largest beetles in the world, but also the most difficult. On the head of the male insect is a horn in the form of the letter Y, which he protected, and the female nature has provided a head that resembles a shield. Such a head shape helps it to easily dig holes in the ground, where she lays eggs.

Beetle Goliath

Feed on these insects perespevshey fruit and tree SAP, larvae and adults may eat the weaker and smaller relatives. The main part of life the Goliath holds the tree down to the ground only to find food. Adult size males up to 12 cm, female slightly smaller – 7-8 cm. the weight can be more than 80 gr. Beetle-Goliath brings a lot of problems easy African aviation.

The Female Goliath

The elephant beetle

This beetle lives throughout from Mexico to Venezuela. The male has a size of about 120 mm, and females more than 70 mm. the elephant beetle leads a night way of life, his body covered with yellowish hairs on the head the males have outgrowths in the form of horns.

Beetle elephant

It is noteworthy that the lifespan of this insect is very small from 1 to 3 months, but the larva develops in the ground for up to two years. The beetles feed on the juice of tree bark and enjoy eating overripe tropical fruit. In captivity, the insect can not live more than six months.

Samari beetle elephant

Cockroach Rhino

These cockroaches are also the largest beetles in the world, living in Australia in North Cleveland. The body of this beetle is brown and he lives in fallen leaves, only occasionally appearing on the surface. The weight of the insect is about 35 grams, and length is 12 cm. a Lot of collectors want to see this instance in his cage, but the price Australian cockroach is very high, in addition, it requires special conditions.

Beetle cockroach Rhino

The lifespan of a cockroach-Rhino about 10 years, the period of maturation of larvae to adult is 3 years. In captivity this insect can eat Apple, cucumber, it is also necessary to put the drinking bottle and periodically spray the leaves or coconut substrate with water, as he needs high humidity.

Cockroach Rhino

Stag beetle

It is the representative of the European insects, which can also be attributed to the largest beetles in the world. He lives in mixed and deciduous forests, its dimensions are about 8 cm On the head of an insect two protuberances, resembling the horns of a deer, hence the name. Larvae, the female lays eggs in the bark of rotten trees or in rotten stumps, live trees these larvae does not happen. The larva develops in different ways-from 3 to 8 years, and can withstand temperatures below 15 degrees. The cooler, the longer the process of pupation.

Beetle stag

During the flight, this insect keeps the body almost vertically, because of the excessive severity of the horns. The female can bite through human skin of the lower jaws. Males very often arrange fights among themselves, trying to throw each other to the ground with a huge mandibles.

The battle of the stag beetles

This beetle is listed in the Red book, almost all European States. Reaching full maturity, beetle-deer does not live more than a month, and many collectors want to get it in their terrariums. Also, many insects are killed during sanitary felling in forests disappear the usual habitat of a stag beetle.

Asian hornet

These insects live in Japan, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, and not only are the largest beetles in the world, but also the most dangerous to humans. The venom of these hornets are toxic and can cause death. In Japan alone in the year killed about 40 people from the bites of these insects. Even huge sharks are more dangerous than the Asian hornet. The larger the size this hornet, the more dangerous its bite. If an insect lands on your arm, with the wings deployed completely covers the man’s palm.

Asian hornet

The Asian hornet is vindictive and can chase its victim for three miles. In Japan, it is called a bee, a Sparrow, and Taiwan bee tiger because of the yellow stripes on the torso. The size of this insect is about 5 cm, and a wingspan of more than 7.5 cm Moves of the Asian hornet in the air at a speed of 40 km/h.

Painting Asian hornet

The largest beetles on earth, can be dangerous to humans and completely harmless, but to behave to them with greater care.

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