The biggest bear in the world

Bears, brown or white, you can imagine for a person in grave danger. Despite the fact that often feed on these animals are forest dwellers or berries, there were cases when they attacked people. And the more the size of a bear, the more fear he can catch up. The kind of representative predators is the biggest bear in the world Kodiak, which belongs to the subspecies of brown bears, which are considered to be on Earth the largest.


Southern Alaska is an archipelago of Kodiak, in whose honor and was named this animal. From other representatives of this species, including the grizzly, they separated during the ice age, which was the last (10,000-12,000 years ago). Since advancing warming on a worldwide scale and was above the level of the sea, it so happened that kadleci were isolated – now they live only on the Islands of the archipelago.

These bears get along very well, where cold winters and a lot of different food. In appearance they are no different from other bears, except for their size. And they are incredibly huge: in height Kajaki grow to 1.5-2 m (at the withers), body length is not less than 4 m. the Weight of an adult male is on average 450-500 kg and females at the mass, the less is their weight in the average is 250-300 kg. But there are always exceptions to the rule – I’ve had such instances Kazakov, the weight of which amounted to as much as a ton.

Such enormous size, these brown bears could be due to the lack of natural competitors and enemies in the environment. Access to food without any obstacles helped them to flourish and gain a lot of weight. However, living in harsh conditions have made the necessary occurrence of bears in hibernation. And spread them in a confined space was the fact that Kajaki often suffer parasitic and many other diseases that other types of brown bears are not found.

Coloring bear-Kodiak differ mainly in brown. Of course color can vary from beige to dark brown. But the face of a bear always a bit lighter than all the other parts of the body. This is their characteristic, which significantly distinguishes them from grizzly. By the way, these representatives of brown bears are slightly smaller in contrast to kudyakov, but there are those individuals who no less. Person to meet this predator is very dangerous, because a grizzly with one blow of the paw can easily kill.


The chair of the Kodiak has a huge size that it is impossible not to pay attention to it. Teeth and jaw of the animal is also very impressive – they are able to easily handle any production. This helps and retractable claws which are very sharp and long. Vision kudyakov not very strong, but this disadvantage is quite kompensiruet excellent hearing and sense of smell.

Their diet consists of fish (usually salmon), berries, plant foods, algae, invertebrates and even carrion. But it is preferable to kudyakov to search for food of plant origin than to hunt prey.

A Kodiak

They live brown bears alone, lying dormant during the cold months. In may-June Kazakov starts the mating season. This is the time for the animal food available in large quantities. This is the largest bear in the world is different because of the pairing he chooses only one female, which then can be together for a few weeks. Females begin to reproduce offspring with 9 years of age, and sexual maturity in bears-males occurs in 5 years. Usually the female brings 2-3 cub, which she brings up to 3 years. Only after the expiration of this time she was again ready to mate to create new offspring.

Offspring kudyakov

Today the population of this species is on the brink of extinction. Only in the archipelago there are 3500 individuals. Despite this fact, still allowed to hunt them (though this is regulated by the state in the year sold 160 licenses to shoot Kazakov).

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