The biggest Alabai in the world

It is difficult to find a person who didn’t like dogs. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to start in a city apartment of four-legged friend, but I dream about it a lot. Among the protected species holds a special place in the Turkmen Central Asian shepherd dog. And what is the biggest Alabai in the world?

Central Asian shepherd dog

The history of the breed

The Turkmen Alabai is one of the most ancient breeds of security dogs, who have kept all their working qualities to the present day. The history of this breed dates back over 3 thousand years. Some people call Alabai with wolfhound and this is, in part, is true. Wolfhound is a common name for breeds of dogs who helped the shepherds to guard the flocks and protect them from predators.


Central Asian shepherd dog is very brave and freedom-loving dog and raising a puppy must be approached very responsibly. Alabai is subject only to the host with a strong character, which will be his authority. Outwardly calm and even a bit slow, it instantly turns into a powerful weapon for defense or attack at the slightest danger, especially at night.

Turkmen Alabai

This breed was very cruel natural selection. Desert climate of Central Asia, lack of water and food, constant struggle with predatory animals attacking the flock, taught these dogs to economize their strength. Wonderful fighting qualities – the result of constant skirmishes with predators and in these clashes was tempered manly and fearless character of this breed.

Education and training

There is a perception that this breed is very dangerous and uncontrollable and it is not recommended to keep a dog in the house. But, as a rule, so argue the people who just are unable to properly educate Alabai. Like any guard dog, Central Asian shepherd, have to undergo special training and learn to fully submit to the will of the owner.

Cucinata Alabai

Since the shepherds were discarded weak and cowardly dogs, not suitable for the guard to have survived the best representatives of this breed. People who are seriously engaged in the study and breeding of this breed, noted the enormous intellect and physical potential alabais. This is not surprising, because the dog was never on a leash and for centuries the representatives of this breed was to take independent and quick decisions in case of danger that threatens the herd.

Turkmen shepherd

To date, the largest Alabai in the world is located in Russia and its weight is about 130 kg. raising such a giant requires the breeder of extraordinary power and patience. Central Asian shepherd puppies very friendly and playful, but also naughty. At the age of 7-8 months the dog should start to train in a special program of obedience.

If you miss this point, it will then be very difficult to manage an adult dog, and given its huge size, it can be dangerous not only for outsiders but also for the owner and his family. As a rule, their principles Alabai shows only a weak-willed owner, person able to tame this beautiful animal will have a loyal friend and defender to the death.

Alabai with children

Nutrition Central Asian shepherd dog

Like a real wolfhound, alabay needs primarily in meat. An adult dog eats per day is not less than 1 kg of meat, and some cereal will not do here. It is also necessary to include in the dog’s diet vegetables and dairy products, especially in the period of growth and development. The biggest Alabai in the world eats in a day no less than the family of 5 – this should be considered before getting a dog. Also puppies need to be added to food crushed eggshells, because in this period, the bones and the dog need calcium.

Friendly Alabai

These dogs need daily walking in the open countryside where horses can train muscles and endurance. Central Asian shepherd dog is very aggressive to any strange dog that can serve as a source of threat to home and family, and Pets who live with her in the same yard, is very friendly.

The Giant Bulldozer

The biggest Alabai

Photos of this beauty can not leave anyone indifferent. Its owner, a resident of the Stavropol territory, is seriously engaged in the breeding and training of Central Asian shepherds. Although the Bulldozer and is the largest alabaam in the world, its appearance is very attractive and even good-natured. But this good man is a multiple winner of dog fighting and he scored many awards won at prestigious world exhibitions. His aggression aimed at other dogs, nothing to do with the owner and his family, and according to the breeder, the Bulldozer he enjoys on children.

Dog fighting

Central Asian shepherd dog is a breed winner and before you decide to get a dog, you need to realistically assess their strength and capabilities. Wrong education of this giant can bring many problems, both you and your surroundings.

Alabai on snhu

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