The big white mushroom

Mushrooms — this is the wealth that gives us the nature itself. If earlier the mushrooms were applied only to plants, but now they contain both the characteristics of plants and animals. The big white mushroom wants to find every avid mushroom picker. There are different kinds of mushrooms. There are those among them who have not.

Distinctive features

So on what grounds can determine that you have found the white fungus? Let’s start with hats. It is cushion-like, almost white. In diameter it is approximately 20 cm After the rain it will be slippery to the touch and slightly sticky. The gimenofor will be tubular. The tubes are arranged very tightly, so when you can turn blue.

White mushroom is called the king of all mushrooms. First of all, for its taste and size. The white mushroom is also called boletus, or also called Ladybird. So why is it called white? The answer is simple. If you split, dry or cook. It will not change its color. All other mushrooms can take brown, or even black. It is valued for its unique nutrients.

Karelian miracle

In 2014, spouses Davydov met a real giant. In the Karelian forest, they found a white mushroom of incredible size. According to the mushroom he was already a bit spoiled by insects, but even in this form looked very convincing.

Karelian mushroom

Threat white mushroom

From quite a variety of mushrooms is one which in any case can not be used. It is called «Satan» by the white fungus. This is a very dangerous mushrooms. The size of the diameter of the cap reaches sometimes up to 30 cm If you cut, you will see that it may be slightly blue. They have, especially in old mushrooms, it is extremely unpleasant smell.

white fungus satanic

It can remind you of rotten onions or the smell of carrion. But in some countries, for example in the Czech Republic and France consider it conditionally edible. It may be cooked, but first it is soaked and boiled for a very long time (10 hours). After lengthy treatment, he loses its taste and becomes inedible.

White fungus with forests Suzdal

The mushroom is autumn. But you can collect them and not just in the fall. Such mushrooms as white, and many others, begin to appear in early June. But it’s all about, it all depends on how the weather will be.

The best time for a hike in the woods for mushrooms is 5 days after rain. During this time, the mushrooms should grow. If it’s summer time, and the street will be very hot, it is best to look for mushrooms under the trees. That’s where they will hide. Mushrooms love a lot of moisture. In a drought to find them very difficult.

Resident Vladimir managed to find specimens weighing 2 kg. says As a happy owner of this miracle, the white mushroom was the height of his knee and the cap diameter was about 30 cm.

Mushroom from Vladimir

But not only the rain like mushrooms, but the soil temperature was from 15 to 18 degrees. All fungi, as well as white people, should seek in the woods. If you see an ant or a fern, it is a clear sign that somewhere nearby there are white mushrooms. They grow in spruce and pine forests. There grow the biggest mushrooms. If you have found such, then in any case not to take it. Take a knife and cut off. Later the mycelium will grow new mushrooms.

Gift of the Polish forest

Lucky enough the resident of the Polish town of Bydgoszcz, the husband found a white mushroom weighing 3 kg, the Diameter of the cap this handsome man of about 40 cm it Happened in 2013. What is the fate of the Polish champion can only guess. Mushroom himself claimed in an interview to a local newspaper that he plans to freeze his find and cook a special Christmas meal.

the fungus from Poland


Mushrooms-the giants can be quite edible. One of these was a white mushroom found in the suburbs. Its dimensions will certainly be the envy of seasoned pickers. His weight reached 11 kg, and the diameter of its cap was 58 cm.. About the discovery became known in 1961. This was reported on the radio live. Unfortunately, the exact place of its discovery is not known, and the photo on the Internet is almost impossible to find.

the big white mushroom

Fans of «quiet hunt» that find these mushrooms-the giants don’t understand what value they represent. They just eat his find. If you find this mushroom, it is better to give it to the study, of course, therefore, it is likely you no return, and you will not taste. But you can go down in history as the man who found the large white mushroom in the world.

Today, on the Internet, many pickers post their videos and pictures large and small, beautiful and ugly found mushrooms. Is representative of the Carpathian forests, which found in 2015. The exact weight of a giant unknown, but I assume that it is not inferior to his Polish rival.

Carpathian mushroom

Interesting facts

There are many very interesting and wonderful things about mushrooms. For example, in Japan, the biologists made the surprising statement that mushrooms can think and remember, and mycelium, for its uniqueness, is called the underground.

white mushroom in the forest

The most interesting thing is that the mycelium grows indefinitely, sometimes reaching enormous size. 10 years ago in one of the US States was found by mushroom network, it spread under the ground of almost 900 hectares, equivalent to approximately 1,800 football fields. Knowing that the mycelium is the vegetative body of the fungus, we can say that discovered find the biggest mushroom in the world.

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