The best sights of Bali

Fabulous island, captivates many tourists with its nature. Travelers will find not only beach rest and contemplation of beautiful places. Here you can visit museums, sacred places and temples. We offer to your attention the best sights of Bali.


It is the oldest place on the island. It is located on the edge of a cliff and is an interesting in terms of architecture building. The locals believe that the temple protects them from evil spirits.

Resort Kuta

Suitable for those who love fun, party until dawn and dance the night away. The resort offers everything you need to relax. Here you can find beaches, spas, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Kintamani Volcano

At the entrances to it are located small villages that complement the overall picture. Kintamani volcano is the largest active crater in Asia. The eruption formed a beautiful lake called Batur.

Water Park

It is located in the Corner and occupies 4 hectares On its territory you can see 17 different water rides. The Park has an interesting design inside and accepts children and adults.

Kuta Beach

For a long time in this area was located a fisherman’s hut. With 70 years have opened the beach for the surfers. Today it is a popular place that is visited by tourists to enjoy water and nature.

Orchid garden

Flower lovers must visit this Park. In the garden there are many types of orchids and other tropical plants. Tourists can acquire unusual flower. It is packaged in a box and put her in a tag to avoid problems at customs.

Elephant cave

It is a sacred place for the locals. Above the entrance to the cave is a statue of a demon. As soon as you cross the threshold of the structure, it starts to eat your stupid ideas. Inside the temple is a statue of Ganesha. He is considered one of the most powerful of the gods, so he should bring gifts.

Bird Park

Here you can see different species of birds that live in the tropical forests of Indonesia. Birds move freely, so you can observe their life in the natural environment. The garden, you see artificial ponds, ornamental fish and various mammals.

Museum Puri Lukisan

It is located in Ubud town where cultural life of the island. The Museum consists of several halls. It presents a picture of the newcomers, famous artists and craftsmen, who worked a few hundred years ago.

Mysterious, mysterious and romantic island of Bali, ready to show a lot of interesting places. So fascinating and informative trip is guaranteed.

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