The best movies about hackers

Our time is time of Internet and advanced technology development. Of course, the worldwide web is just a source for many stories of action and adventure movies. The ten most powerful films about the crimes in cyberspace, hackers and world wide web in front of you.

1. «Password «swordfish» 2001

The main character – the charismatic Gabriel Shire once worked for the CIA, but after was a clever criminal who wanted to steal billions of dollars from the funds of the government. But how to do it without the hacker, who can hack into systems of any complexity? There was a certain Stanley, who was imprisoned for several years for hacking into the feds.

2. «War games» 1983

A young man came into the system of the Pentagon and decided to play war games. The military decided that it was the Russians announced a Third world war, and began preparations for re-crushing blow. Realizing that makes the hacker decides to stop the game but it is challenging…

3. «Network», 1995

Modern girl Angela is living the digital life: all the details are in a database, which stores everything from private rooms, ending with the driver’s license number. The work is also closely related to computer technology, because Angela – programmer. The whole life of the protagonist is computerized, but it is not scary, while her personality is not erased.

4. the «}{Ott@was)b», 2006

Gene is a regular guy with normal problems. Programming is his calling, and the hacker he just for life. It is the girl, it is guarded by bandits, and looking for intelligence. Gene has no hope for a miracle, yet bursts into his life Hottabych sat for a thousand-year period in a single jar.

5. Die hard 4.0 2007

A new terrorist threat brings death to the world. At this time, criminals are grab the Internet. Government agents and security forces be in vain. The whole world is in danger, until it comes to a familiar character, John McClane.

6. «Open Windows» 2014

Nick is a fan of actress Jill Goddard and editor of her is a fansite. He wins the contest and wins a dinner with the idol. During dinner there is a live broadcast on the website of Nika, and then heard an unexpected call… Someone named KORD announced the end of dinner. Suspecting nothing, Nick does not even suspect that became a pawn in the game whose purpose is the destruction of his idol.

7. «Hacking» 2000

Customs — another genius hacker, who for the second year cannot detect the FBI, until he breaks into the secret base. But the enemy is even worse – Shimomura, a specialist in electronic security. The officer was able to steal Shimomura a rare virus that can hack any computer. Shimomura announces Customs of war.

8. «Cyber» in 2015

The world lives a quiet, measured life. Everything is so mechanized, calculated with precision to detail that creates the illusion of total security. It would seem that the world is safe… But that the latest developments can wipe people off the face of the Earth. The best minds of America and China team up to save the world from cyber-attack.

9. «The signal» 2014

Three student hacker receives a strange message from a stranger no less mysterious under the name Nomad. Suspecting nothing, the guys suddenly fall into a trap from which miraculously saved. But the adventure does not end there, students are targeted by «men in black», who believe the guys a threat to all humanity.

10. «Strangers eyes», 2012

During the explosion at the Austerlitz station in Paris, seventeen people were killed, over thirty wounded. The police suspect Islamist group. Unknown hacker wants to shed light on the tragedy and begins an independent investigation. Through hacking all of the city’s cameras, he is easily able to see the performers and to understand who the customer is…

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