The best man in history

For all time of existence of mankind is divided into many personalities who exerted considerable influence on the development of States, political and economic processes that gave the world many scientific discoveries and technological developments. Every historian and simply any person will have their own opinion about who is the best person in history. However, if we consider all the famous people and their ability to be both spiritual and inspirer of a vast number of peoples, a ruler, a Creator of justice and perfect peace on Earth, we can distinguish the Prophet Muhammad the best of creations of Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad

A remarkable man by the American scholar Michael HART

Once Michael HART decided to write a book on outstanding personalities in the history of mankind. He has undertaken considerable work studying their BIOS and having great people on the degree of their influence on society. Had been taken of the ability of great people, their goals, performed business and achieved results, and how much they could affect the history of mankind. As a result of processing data by a computer program, they were separated a hundred people who could wear the title of great man in history.

But of these persons, the computer had to choose someone who will take the first place in the list among the greatest men in history. The result is simply stunned HART, because on the screen he saw the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Then the experiment was repeated several times, but the computer stubbornly gave the name of this great man in history.

The oldest of the great man - Prophet Muhammad

The scientist had to admit this fact, and written in the book «Hundred great men» narrative began with the Prophet Muhammad. And it is possible to agree with the point of view of a scientist and to recognize that Muhammad is the best man in history, because the Messenger of Allah had no equal in the entire history of mankind, and proclaimed the ideas of global significance. His greatness is recognized not only Muslims, but also representatives of other faiths.

The story of the life of the messenger of Allah

The life and work of Muhammad, born in Mecca in the year 570, a truly surprising and amazing – he being the representative of a lower social status, has managed to establish one of the largest world religions (Islam) and become a successful politician, which led him to the people.

The new faith created by Muhammad

It was impossible to discern the traits of a leader in Muhammad, even when his age was approaching forty years. At that time the Arabs held in high esteem was polytheism, but in Mecca was attended by representatives of Christianity and Judaism, which Mohammed received the knowledge of the one Almighty God who controls the Universe. And when the future prophet «turned forty, he became more and more convinced that Allah communicates with him, involving the Archangel. Therefore, Muhammad begins to carry the new faith is only in the midst of his family, but he does it with great tenacity for 3 years.

Gradually 613 he begins to preach to a wider public. To it and begin to join the followers, but the local authority acknowledges him who makes serious trouble in regular life. In the end Muhammad forced to flee Mecca to Medina, and there he acquires a lot of power. The moment was fateful in his life.

The Preaching Of Muhammad

In Medina, he finds a lot of followers and is getting there, in fact, the unofficial ruler. Every year his influence grew, and fighting broke out between Mecca and Medina give him many more chances, and eventually Muhammad returned to Mecca, but not a simple man, a winner and a great man. The locals fairly quickly changed into the new faith, and thus, the number of Islam followers is growing rapidly.

In 632 (immediately before his death) Mohammed was already a full-fledged South Arabian ruler. The Arabs believed in one God and following the Prophet, would violently carry out the conquest of vast areas of land. The number of Arab soldiers were much less than the number of their opponents, but on the battlefield they behaved confidently, inspired by his new faith. As a result, they were able to quickly conquer Syria, Mesopotamia, and Palestine.

The Mission Of Muhammad

The prophet Muhammad was intended to unite the people and their faith. He came with the purpose to improve our world, but does not destroy it. In any case, he did not attempt to oppose his predecessors, what he said to his followers.

The Church of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina

Unbelievable, but this man is only 23 years overcame such a huge way for human progress, which not under force was even many for several centuries. The teachings of the Prophet flourishes, Islam has many followers. The messenger of Allah tried to focus the love of a huge number of people on Earth and bring light into their hearts.

Why do some scientists and sociologists put it in the first place and is called the greatest man in the history of our planet? After all, brethren, Jesus Christ, who also did a lot for human development – brought knowledge, beliefs, love, commandments. He is also undoubtedly the best man in history.

Jesus Christ

But according to scholar Michael HART Muhammad contributed to the development of Islam far more than Jesus in the development of the Christian faith. Muhammad created an Islamic morality and theology, embodied the ideas of the new religion in life, increasing the number of its followers. He is also the author of the Quran – the Holy Scripture of Muslims.

The Holy spirit the letter of the Koran

In this letter outlines the basic statements that in Islam, the Prophet Muhammad preached five tenets: there is only one God (Allah), pray 5 times a day, be sure and pay the alms, the pilgrimage to Mecca, and to fast every year for Ramadan.

It is important to note that in religious terms the impact of Muhammad and Christ in the history of mankind has been very strong. But Mohammed can reasonably be considered the leader of all times, had a huge impact.

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