The best books in the fantasy genre

Not only children love to dream and fantasize, everyone likes to be immersed in a fairytale world, presenting himself among the fairies or elves. The fantasy genre is very popular, there are thousands of books, from which we selected the best.

1. «Chronicles of amber» science fiction writer Roger Zelazny

The world’s most famous fantasy series, released in millions of copies. The main character is a Prince of Amber Corwin claims the Kingdom in eternal Amber city. He loses his memory and finds himself on one of the shadows of Amber in the ocean of Chaos that is called the local – «Earth»… with this planet’s hero began his magical journey. The Chronicles of two parts, each of which has five novels.

2. «The Lord of the rings» George. G. Tolkien

This book tells about the great war of the Ring, which lasted more than one Millennium. The owner of the Ring dominates the living and the dead, but becomes a servant of Evil. Young hobbit, Frodo needs to get rid of the Ring, which he sent to the fiery Mountain of Fate, where began the history of the Ring. He’s trying to stop Sauron, wants to get the Ring to own the world.

3. «The Witcher» Andrzej Sapkowski

Each story tells about a small episode in the life of a Witcher Geralt, a swords, slaying vampires and other evil spirits. While reading slowly open rich inner world of Geralt, his hopes and aspirations, the code of honor and sense to the Sorceress, Jennifer. Geralt tries to avoid the fate Assigned to him, but to no avail…

4. «A song of ice and fire» by George Martin

Saga has the greatest number of volumes of the history of fantasy. It tells about life in the Seven kingdoms with a shift in seasons that last for years. The struggle of kings, murder, mystery, civil war, conspiracies, the book does not get bored!

5. «The Wizard Of Earthsea» By Ursula Le GUIN

The series of books about the Great Magician Gede affects not only children but also adults. Of Earthsea, a wizard and a priestess Tenar and their adventures leave no one indifferent!

6. «Chronicles Of Narnia» By Clive Staples Lewis

Series of children’s books in style of a fantasy about the adventures of teenagers in the fabulous world of Narnia, which has captured the hearts and adult readers. In Narnia can talk with the animals, on every corner you can see the magic, but just like in the real world, good comes into the fight with evil.

7. «Series of Discworld», Terry Pratchett

The series of books about the strange Flat world, written with inimitable English humour. Here you can meet charismatic characters with their exciting adventures. Even Death is not an ordinary character, and identity in search of meaning of life.

8. «Warlock in spite of himself» by Christopher Stasheff

Knight Saga, which tells about the life of the kind of Gallowglas, unwillingly became the Archmage of the island Granary, his impressive exploits and adventures. Here you can meet his wife, a witch with a fiery curls Gwendylon, their children that they can fly, melt metal to seep through the walls. Wonder Magic People: fairies, vampires, elves, crackerbarrel, unicorns, dragons and other strange creatures.

9. «Conan» Robert E. Howard

The protagonist of a series of short stories – Conan the barbarian, who fell in love with the world. Sword fights with a magic man with magic and demonic forces.

10. «The Chronicles Of The Black Squad» Glen Cook

The Chronicles tell about the Black Squad, a group of mercenaries, whose history goes back many centuries. After they hired the service to a certain Lady, the heroes find themselves in the midst of a bloody battle of power with the rebels. Many tests falls on the Black Squad, pretty «proradio» their ranks. Will they be able to maintain themselves in this struggle?

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