The best beer in the world

Thematic trips abroad are becoming increasingly popular among our countrymen. So, many Russians are happy to go to the so-called » beer tours, which is not surprising, because in Europe is known to brew the best beer in the world.

The country with the traditional culture of brewing

Perhaps, everyone in the world knows that the most delicious beer is brewed in Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium and England. Germany has long been famous as a country with a traditional culture of brewing, and the annual «Oktoberfest» come beer lovers from around the world. Indeed, to buy a defective product in Germany is simply impossible. No matter where you purchased it in the store or in the street, the drink is always fresh and tasty, and the variety allows everyone to find something he will like.

Meanwhile, fans of the Penn argue that if you want to try this «drink of the gods», then you need to go to Belgium. The people of this state have reduced the consumption of beer in cult and today it produces more than 600 brands. In every region of the country are proud of their own kind of drink.

Another beer Mecca can be called the Czech Republic — it is unlikely you will be able to visit this country and not to try at least one of the many varieties of foam. For the Czechs this is one of the most important parts of their lives, so his production very seriously — feel free to try any variety any brand, everything is very tasty.

England also made a significant contribution to beer history, because this country has given the world such famous varieties as porter and Indian Pale ale. Tasting is better to go to one of the pubs, of which there are more than enough. Of course, the first thing to try traditional British Ales, although regular beer is also very good.

The ranking of the world’s beer

Of course, everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but some varieties of foam have a special love and affection of consumers and experts. So, in the honorable first place was the famous Wisconsin beer Wisconsin Belgian Red, which is used cherry varieties of Door County. In second place was the drink Ann from Greensboro, the only one that is aged in barrels of French wine. Three leaders closes the Framboos Belgian beer that has an interesting raspberry flavor.

If you talk about the level of sales, the most popular beer in the world is, oddly enough, the drink production Chinese Snow Beer. Second place also took the foam from China — Tsingtao, and in the third place surely left the American brand Bud Light. Also in the list of the most popular consumers in the world drinks got the foam from Brazil and the Netherlands.

Beer tour with friends

Probably every beer lover wants to take a beer tour, but as one to go on such a journey is not so interesting, a lot of people prefer to go with friends. The most popular are traditionally beer tours to the Czech Republic, because here you can taste the best beer in the world. Besides, to visit the country quite simply — you are always welcomed tourists. A special tourist trip to Prague you will remember tasting the original grades of foam and a visit to the old local Breweries. As a rule, such tours represent Hiking around Prague and visit the most famous pubs: the guide tells tourists about how to drink Czech beer, will reveal the secrets of this drink and take one of the Breweries. Here you can try different varieties of beer, malt liquor and lemonade, where there is no alcohol, even beer ice cream, which no country in the world! Agree to miss this opportunity would be unpleasant.

There is also an interesting visit Germany’s most famous brewing centers of Frankfurt, Munich, Bamberg, Nuremberg Miltenberg and Wurzburg. Breweries here than in any other country in Europe, and basically they are small businesses, privately owned.

But if you and your friends go to a beer tour then don’t come to Belgium! The tour program in addition to visiting the Breweries and pubs must include a visit to one of the abbeys, where to this day a unique beer brewed according to old recipes.

Please note that beer tours is not just a fun trip for tasting a variety of the best beer in the world, it is a real insight into the culture and history of the world capitals of brewing. Of course, such trips will be to the liking of not all, but in the world there are thousands of fans of beer, who did not miss such an incredible opportunity. Try it and you discover Europe from a new angle and, quite likely, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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