The best aircraft in the world

A military conflict won by the party, which was air supremacy. Powerful fighters and bombers cause irreparable damage ground and surface targets. For this reason, military aviation industry is a priority, especially the creation of the planes that destroyed the threat in the air. As you understand, it will be about the fighters.

The idea of the best the airplane has changed over the years. The metamorphosis of this military equipment was associated with the emergence of developing technologies and experience gained at the cost of numerous victims.

The plane

Take a look at the best aircraft in the world in more detail. To date, this aircraft F-15 «Eagle». The effect of long distances, high maneuverability, powerful aviatourne today’s avionics – it’s all characteristic of the models. Through this technique appears able to penetrate deep into enemy territory. The model is not inferior to existing aircraft or high-speed performance, nor fighting properties. In the best aircraft in the world have electronic control system that allows you to quickly detect, capture and track a specific target; the ability to monitor enemy aircraft, regardless of its location. The system is designed so that the fight can one pilot.


Tagavoranist high and low pressure on the wing allows for excellent mobility, maneuverability and rate of climb of the aircraft. Due to these factors the machine turns without significantly reducing speed.

Another significant difference from other models is a multi – functional avionics including inertial navigation system, upgraded modern radar, a projection display, measuring equipment and communication system UHF. In addition there is a set of equipment that displays information on the devices, which controlled the plane at the final stage of landing. In addition, the model is equipped with a convenient system of recognition of their own and others ‘ equipment.

F-15 Aircraft

As mentioned above, the fighter has a tail indicator. This device transmits the pilot information which is used to search for and destroy the enemy.

A system of anti-jamming pulse-Doppler radar helps in detecting the targets at different heights. In the melee, the radar automatically locks on the goal support, all the data reflected on the onboard indicator.

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