The benefits of needlework

For centuries, almost all women sew, embroider, knit. If before needlework was compulsory, and they worked from childhood, nowadays it’s more like a hobby. But now some masters can furnish your whole house with his own hands. It concerns soft interior parts such as self-sewn linen, curtains and associated tracks, woven rugs, Often, family members of these masters wear homemade clothes. Models obtained are unique and made with much love. Safe to say that things immediately warm the body and soul.

Set for needlework

When a woman is engaged in needlework, as it begins to glow from within. This world gives her an unusual femininity and beauty. And all who are close, I feel peace and comfort. With such a hard and meticulous work made the care, patience, diligence, humility. Of course, this positive character traits. Another advantage Handicrafts is that the ability home seamstresses great saves the family budget. No need to spend money to buy ready-made things.

The use of needlework for the health and psyche

What health benefits brings manual work?

  1. The movement of the hands affects the brain. Finger exercises stimulate the part of the brain responsible for memory. On hand is a large number of reflex points, which send impulses to our nervous system. Clicking on the desired point, we vozdeistviem the organs associated with these points. Here’s kind of an interesting massage.
  2. Performing monotonous, repetitive actions, the person calms down. But if he is also busy with the creative process (for example, one of the types of needlework), then it is even and improves the mood. So, the needlework is a reliable friend in the fight against stress and depression.
  3. People who regularly do needlework, suffer less from excess weight. This is because the pleasure they get is not from eating, but from its activities. Not «seize» the stress, do not eat «nothing to do». Creativity saves from gluttony and allows you to maintain good physical shape.

How useful sewing and embroidery

What is the impact of different types of needlework into organ systems?

Sewing has beneficial effects on the eyes, hands and brain. Lowers blood pressure, normalizes intracranial, eliminates headaches, prevents nervous breakdown, fatigue, improves the blood, a positive effect on the heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Knitting normalizes digestion, normalizes the cardiovascular system, relieves toothache and headache, stimulates the kidneys, cures nervous system, concussion of the brain.

Stitching eliminates noise in the ears and headache, cure eating disorders, inflammation of the genital organs, has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic and circulatory systems, helps with sprains, diseases of the hands and feet. Protects from damage and the evil eye.

What is the use of sewing and needlework

Beading relieves insomnia, respiratory disorders, headaches and dental pain, normalizes metabolism, helps to concentrate. Drives away any negative impacts.

Macrame has a positive effect on the heart and kidneys, heals the nerves, headache, stomach pain, muscle pain, removes the excitement, drowsiness, normalizes hormonal balance.

The patchwork technique (patchwork) relieves headaches, various tumors on the body, fever, allergies, joint pain, helps fight colds, sore throat, bleeding from the nose, stimulating the circulation.

Why courses of cutting and sewing are beneficial to health

Dear girl, girls, women, develop their femininity, take care of your physical and spiritual health, get away from life’s joy! In time-honoured manual work. Choose for yourself any kind of needlework and be happy!

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