The beauty of 100 million

The beauty of 100 million

Within 10 years, the Philippine fisherman, a resident of the island of Palawan, kept in the house of the pearl, the cost of which was estimated at $ 100 million.

In 2006 the sink with the world’s largest pearl accidentally caught anchor fishing boats, which were extracted from the bottom of the ocean.

Your catch the fisherman did not advertise, and decided to keep as a talisman.

Only after the recent fire that occurred at his house, he decided to show his discovery 10 years ago professionals. Conventional Filipino fisherman even could not imagine what a treasure to be kept under his bed!

The weight of «Puerto Princesa» (the so-called pearl) is equal to 34 pounds, and its cost was about $ 100 million.

Up to this point, the world’s largest natural found pearls were considered the «Pearl of Allah» — her weighs a little over 6 pounds and she is estimated at 35 million dollars. Found it was in the 30-ies of the last century and also in the Philippine Islands.

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