The art of being beautiful: sugar paste shugaring

Hair removal services have long occupied an honored place in the number of procedures to care for themselves. Recently replaced the razor and the wax comes to sugaring, that is combating the hairs with the help of sugar. This procedure has several varieties, you’ll be comfortable and painless. Moreover, while it is removed still and dead skin cells, causing skin looks younger-looking, velvety smooth.


Before proceeding to the treatment, care should be taken to the acquisition of all available tools. The first thing you will need sugar paste shugaring. Her choice should be approached carefully, because often properties of this product depends on the quality of the process and its result.

Disclose all the secrets of sugar paste

The advantage of this cosmetic is that it is created without preservatives, that is a natural product that does not cause allergies. It is composed of fructose, glucose, vegetable additives and water.

sugar paste shugaring

Selecting means of hair removal, you need to pay attention to the density of the composition. Sugar paste shugaring is:

  • Soft. This is a great choice for those who use the banding technique. Pasta does not require a long warm-up, is the consistency of honey. The tool is easily applied and removed with paper strips or plastic bandages. Suitable for hair removal of any areas, you’ll be gentle effect. However, there is one drawback: this option can be used in hot environments, as the paste can leak.
  • Of medium hardness. It would prefer to choose the supporters of manual techniques. It requires no kneading and is suitable for different areas. However, people with hot hands by this means it is better to refrain, because it may lose its properties during the procedure.
  • Dense. It is not scary high room temperature and hot hands of the master. Requires not only heating, but kneading in the hands until, until the paste acquires the pearl tint. Consumption of resources is economical, for hair removal is quite a few.
  • Universal. Suitable for any technician. In its consistency similar to the paste of medium hardness, but does not require warm-up.

Now available and the cartridges with sugar paste. They are made to provide convenience when working on large areas of the body.

Experience all the benefits of sugar paste and choose the option that suits you.

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