The ancient fortress on the cliff Codescom

The ancient States, hidden in the depths of history, has always attracted to its mysteries. People had to go to distant jungles and deserts, looking for secrets in the African river valleys and in the mountains of the Himalayas. But whether or not to go on an expedition to a distant country, when a lot of mysteries and secrets, for example, the TRANS-Baikal taiga.

Places in Transbaikalia

Chodacki rock

Near the mouth of Black river, about ten kilometers upstream, is a very picturesque place, which the locals call the SC the navel, and the official name of it – Codacci rock. A huge rock a few hundred meters from the shore of the river. Its forbidding slopes separated from the huge swampy meadows ditch the old bed of the river with lakes-oxbow.

At the top of this rock in dense forest attract attention too correctly located hole. Local legends relate them to the activities of the military, to the fifties when the conflict with China, before world war II, and even to the partisans of the Civil war. Some say it is remnants from dwellings lived here Tschudi-Tungus – Evenk settlement.


The Nature Of Zabaikalia

But if you bypass this place and look closely, it becomes clear that it was surrounded by a whole system of fortifications, consisting of deep ditches and earthen ramparts, they are not only from the side of the cliff, and there they are not needed, and so it is impregnable. Archaeologists attribute these remains to the early middle ages, roughly from the eighth century of our era. Modern studies attribute this fortress of a mysterious people of the far East to Mohe.

Mohe were agricultural people, who have created their own state on the banks of the Amur river in the early Renaissance, just as the eighth century of our era mojaiskoe the state of Bohai reached its greatest prosperity. Apparently, in this period they began to colonize the banks of the Shilka river, up the river from the middle of the Amur river.

Archaeologists Codescom on cliffs in the TRANS

Settlement Mohe

Codescom fortress on cliffs dominates the area, and were built for defense shilkinskaya settlements of Mohe from possible threats from the North. She was surrounded by a high double rampart with ditches, ramparts stood upstairs braided from deciduous whips the fence. Themselves the ditches were deep enough and arranged in such a way that when it fell a human leg, she sucks the gravel, and fell into such a trap could free themselves only with great difficulty.

The dwellers lived in huts of a square shape, the roof of which was made of planks of black birch and overlaid with turf. Inside, the walls of the house were subject to bark like Wallpaper along the walls was located the bench of hewn boards on the bunks and shelves for belongings. In the center of the housing a hearth, lined with flat stones. By the way, sometimes instead of fire there are real furnaces, apparently, in these houses lived a special population.

Housing a tribe of Mohe

Behind the walls Chudesnogo settlement, by the way, is the mysterious alone housing. It can live:

  • shaman;
  • Koval;
  • hero;
  • a famous warrior;
  • leader;
  • merchant;
  • a foreigner or another outcast who just wanted a little privacy or frightened by their appearance and activities of their compatriots so that had to be moved outside of the fortress.

Rocks Of Transbaikalia

The mystery of the fortress changes not only the uncertainty of her fate, but also the surrounding nature. In a strong wind turns into the rock singing the rock, a small cave in solid distort the sound, turning it into a musical cacophony. Noise near the river also creates his aura. Taiga hills with flat tops and Golubaya away Shilka, all this makes Chodacki rock in a wonderful and mysterious monument of nature, which is worth a visit.

Taiga places of the Baikal region, as it is desert, full of mysteries and secrets. Hence there came to Europe from the Turks, the Huns and Genghis Khan himself. Here silver was mined, from which was produced a Russian Imperial coin. Baikal still keeps the mystery of the missing Civil war gold reserves. Perhaps it is here somewhere and found their eternal peace to Genghis Khan. Mysteries of history waiting to be discovered and researchers in the remote Siberian region – Transbaikalia.

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