The amount of compensation of expenses on burial

In the Russian Federation relevant Federal law under which relatives of deceased citizens are entitled to special assistance benefits to conducting the burial. The need for such a law was due to the fact that for some people these costs can be prohibitive, and to be buried properly has the right to every person.

To obtain the financial compensation of relatives of a deceased person must apply with the documents to a specialized body. According to current rules, proper incentives should be offered for one day. Responsibility for their implementation is entrusted to specialized state funeral home.

How much to pay

If at the time of death, the man worked officially, payments are made by the regional FSS. The fact that the law obliges every employer to conduct mandatory contributions that accumulate on a personal account.

Then, part of these savings is paid to the worker in case of accident, illness or death. That is, the amount in this case is the funeral benefit. It may be added the assistance from the employer, but only on a voluntary basis.

Unemployed citizens

When he dies a broken man, at his funeral, the state pays a fixed amount. For Muscovites it is 16 277 rubles. Turning to the official funeral of the money should be enough to cover the cost of the basic package of services: full documentation, a minimum set of ritual supplies, transportation and burial of the body.

To seek compensation for the funeral needs in the bodies of social support of the population.

Benefits and compensation

The burial of veterans and law enforcement officers as a whole stands 38 700 rubles. The compensation assigned to the district military enlistment office. To do this, relatives must submit a full package of documents and wait for transfer of funds. The transfer shall be carried out in the same day.

Practice has shown that obtaining the described benefits often causes population a number of difficulties. The problems can be with a complete set of the documents submission to the authorized body, and in many other ways.

So there is no want to enlist the help of professionals who will always advise how to get the required benefits and how to use them correctly. Such specialists are on the staff of the city’s oldest specialized funeral Bureau –

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