The advantages of living in the countryside

Among most people today has developed such a stereotype that to live in a big city and especially metropolis is a prestigious and very positive. Of course, the benefits of this very much, because in the cities there is a developed infrastructure, convenient and well-organized transportation, opportunities for work, fulfillment, etc. Cities tend to grow, which promotes the active construction of multi-storey residential buildings. This allows you to place them in a large number of families.

City apartment

But in the cities constantly observed a large cluster of transport, machinery, harmful industrial emissions and exhaust gases that negatively affect the environment and, as a consequence, the health of people. They regularly have nervous stress, headaches, fatigue, various chronic diseases, etc., and infants typically are born with very weak immune systems. Given all these negative factors, should think about a radical change in terms of place of residence, namely moving to the countryside.

Country house

Change of location for the benefit of suburban real estate is usually caused by many factors, among which one should highlight some of the most important:

  • The cost of purchasing or building a house is much lower than the cost of purchasing real estate in the city. The economic component is here a key, because the acquisition costs and future repairs of the apartment and utilities is steadily increasing.
  • The dimensions of your own home can be quite different, what can be said about urban apartments. In the process of construction of the structure it is possible to create the most convenient layout, and without any restrictions about the number of bedrooms and total area. The country house is the perfect accommodation for large families.
  • The next important factor is the complete absence nearby of noisy and problematic neighbors, who quite often do not give a full relax and rest in a city apartment. The property has no neighbors that would interfere started the repair, relocation, frequent loud parties and regular flooding from the top. While staying in a country house, you can adjust the communication with their neighbors and, if necessary, to minimize it.

Country cottage

  • One of the main advantages of staying in a country house is a clean environment and the surrounding nature, which is not in the big cities and Metropolitan areas. If you build a house near a pond or forest, you can significantly improve your health, mood and overall health. In addition, nature is inspiring, gives a lot of positive emotions, etc. the actual construction is already unites man with nature, for example, using natural and ecologically clean materials (wood, stone). In addition, around each of the buildings is land that can be used as gardens, lush flower garden, vegetable garden and apiary, even while enjoying the fruits of their hard work, both literally and figuratively.

House in the village

  • The presence of a country house allows your hands to create all the conditions necessary for the most comfortable accommodation, as well as the design of the structure. All this is not possible in the usual city apartment. It is possible to experiment with style as land and house, to place near it a gazebo, Playground, swimming pool and many other facilities.

Do not forget that the property is private property, so you need to ensure the highest safety and quality protection of the tenants and the building. Around the houses are usually built high fences and put a reliable gate that allows you to hide the site from prying foreign eyes and protect it from intruders. Very impressive and looks solid wrought iron fence with a metal gate.

Wrought iron gate

As you know, products has good wear resistance, extremely high strength and durability. At the same time it can serve as an attractive decorative element. Break down metal gates or wrought iron fence is almost impossible, and they are able to last for many decades.

A fence of wrought iron usually is ordered in the forge, and after a short time the professional craftsman from a piece of iron will make a real masterpiece, of course, given modern technology and centuries-old traditions.

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