The advantages of iron TEFAL

TEFAL irons – one of the unquestioned leaders in the home appliances market among the famous brands. They are distinguished by:

  • great design;
  • phenomenal reliability;
  • high consumer qualities;
  • a huge set of features.

And this is a partial list of benefits for which the consumer appreciates the products of the manufacturer TEFAL. What is behind the words «virtues of the goods» in a practical dimension, and what are the main issues have to find out for the buyer to make the right choice when purchasing this essential household item?

Irons TEFAL are the leaders in the market

The first device for Ironing TEFAL appeared on the market of household goods for more than 40 years ago. Feature of this model and, at the same time, advantage over the competition was the electronic thermostat is the first in the world at that time. Further production path of the company in this direction – a continuous series of demonstrations of innovative solutions, their further implementation in the new models:

  • limescale protection embedded in the substrate;
  • automatic system shutdown after long periods of inactivity;
  • the extremely high heating rate;
  • state of the art method of steam supply;
  • continuous improvement process the substrate surface.

This is not a complete list of technical solutions, in which PHILIPS has been the market leader. To date, the way of the process of improving this important for any person subject matter, can be called monumental, because its Foundation was laid back in 1954. Confidently stepping outside of his native France, the iron of this world famous brand has won the hearts of customers in all corners of our planet.

Types of irons TEFAL

What types can be purchased today? First of all, this is the usual, most common leading. In the standard version, this appliance has a subtle design:

  • absolutely elastic cord;
  • the handle is comfortable and ergonomic;
  • the system of vaporization pumps a powerful flow of steam;
  • there is a protective system against the formation of scale;
  • feature of sole material prevents the formation of sludge;
  • the stand is very stable.

In the container of iron on average contains up to 300mg of water. A number of models fitted with self-cleaning base and auto cleaning function. In addition, some models, for example, TEFAL FV9630, I have a function shot of steam, allowing you to serve even the most delicate fabrics.

The next type is the wireless devices have found wide application in everyday life of modern man. They are divided into two types – conventional and wireless with a rechargeable battery. The first consists of iron and a stand base, to which is attached a contact cord. After heating the device is removed from the base and is Ironing process. As the cooling device is re-heated in the base base. Unlike the second type is that it has a rechargeable battery. Such a device has a cord, but after heating it can be disassembled and it will save the heat energy, sufficient to Pat the required number of sheets. In addition there are models where iron is placed on base, is located directly on the Ironing Board. The thermal energy sufficient for Ironing, they saved approximately one minute.

The most modern form is iron with a steam generator. It is designed for Ironing the most complex and unpredictable things. This type of technology is able to smooth out and is very thin fabric, and fairly tough, and silk, and thick woolen cloth, and evening costume, and delicate tulle. Moreover, using this kind of appliances, clothes can be ironed without removing from the rack. Not preclude the fact that lingerie can be quite dry or crumpled. A powerful stream of steam is able to smooth out the fabric, folded in four layers. A classic example is the steam generator iron TEFAL GV8461 – the volume of water in the tank of the appliance is 1800 ml, and the steam pipe is never twisted and does not interfere with the process of Ironing.

Features of the irons

Consistent quality irons TEFAL provides a list of specific benefits. The first of these – the ratio of price-quality, here is the model PHILIPS is the undisputed leader. The basis of the high consumer qualities of the goods is:

  • very rapid heating of the base;
  • high power;
  • excellent slip;
  • one of the most powerful steam shocks;
  • perfectly working automatic shutdown function;
  • large selection of additional options;
  • good stability and safety on all models without exception.

And this is only a small part of the benefits that can be listed.

Modern trading platforms are ready to offer a wide range of models of TEFAL irons which can meet the needs of the most demanding customer. But the choice is always the buyer.

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