Smugglers thanked for construction of the road

Smugglers thanked for construction of the road

In the Smolensk region, near the border with Belarus, border guards discovered a road not marked on any map. The length of the route is about 4.5 km and it ends in the immediate locality, near the train station.

In accordance with the assumptions made in the management of border control, the road was built by smugglers to transport on the territory of the Russian Federation of products, which are included in the sanctions lists. This conclusion was made after in the border area have detained several truckloads of fresh fruit imported into the country from Poland. 175 tons of cargo went without supporting documentation and without paying customs fees.

Unknown to road builders did a good job — has expanded roadway, paved road gravel, organized space to turn trucks.

Earlier on this place there was a road that the local inhabitants could only pass on horseback. The head of the region thanked the builders of the track, which will surely be of good help for the local population.

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