Teambuilding in nature

Team building in nature is a relatively new method of generating team spirit in the team. It is no secret that the success of a business largely depends on the cohesion of employees, the ability of colleagues to feel like a team, not competitors. But how to achieve this if colleagues are interests, temperament, beliefs?

There is a way to unite fragmented personnel the organization of joint rest on the nature. It should not be confined to entertainment, but contain a variety of sporting events, games and psychological trainings.

Among the collective techniques common climbing a mountain or orienteering. Here employees help each other to overcome difficulties. Feeling like a team, they carry these feelings into the office.

An important role of a leader on this holiday. On the team building he also needs to act as a leader to make assignments. This contributes to the credibility and increased visibility.

An ideal platform for team building is a picturesque place with a canopy on the open air, the river and the forest nearby. The easiest way to rent a space in specialized complexes, for example, in the suburban White Park , is able to simultaneously accommodate up to 3 thousand persons.

Sample games for a summer of team building

  • «patter». Two teams take turns reading large excerpts from tongue twisters. The winner is the team that made the least mistakes.
  • «rope course». This competition for speed: the run on automobilmuseum, climbing under the tangled thread, jumping on one leg.
  • «the storm». You have to climb over a high fence improvised, just helping each other. The winner is the team that did it faster.
  • «treasure island». Popular game quest, helps to identify the possibilities and limitations of employees when finding items for the prompts.

Very effective at team building is a games training, when the employee offering to fall from the hill by the hands of colleagues. It helps to overcome fears, creates confidence, the removal of suspicion, especially in the women’s team.

But of course, everything in life has its drawbacks, not deprived of them and the option of team building outside the city. Such disadvantages are not so much in the first place it is dependent on weather conditions and the difficulty in training in the winter, even just a cold time of the year.

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