Tbilisi Sights

Tourists are going to visit the capital of Georgia, you can be sure that you will find in the city a huge amount of interesting places. Many Tbilisi sights will allow you to get acquainted with the history of this great city, clearly demonstrate the reverent attitude of people to their cultural heritage. The capital of Georgia can affect not only the monuments of history. The city has enough attractions created in the modern period. Here you will find educational entertainment for people of any age and different interests. To see the beauty of Tbilisi will allow photos with the names of the most popular tourist places posted in the article.

Tbilisi Sights

Sights of Tbilisi on the map

To see all interesting sights of Tbilisi, tourists will need more than one day. Indeed, many historical monuments, museums, parks and squares of the city have a rich history, which will also be interesting to explore. But if it is not possible to stay long in the capital of Georgia, it is better to plan a route for future trips. Will help to make the map of Tbilisi with the sights in Russian.

Old Tbilisi

Clearly demonstrate to the tourists the history of the city district called Old town. Settlement on the territory of this part of Tbilisi has started to appear in the XII century. There remained houses, the architecture of which contains the characteristics of the middle Ages. In the Old town you can see a huge number of monuments erected in different periods of time. Here there are historical landmarks, built in the V century. But most of all in this area there are buildings built in the XIX century. Guests of Tbilisi will be very interesting to walk the narrow winding streets, which draw intricate patterns, lying among the houses built of brick and clay.

Old TbilisiOld Tbilisi

Narikala Fortress

Traveling through the streets of the Old town, tourists worth visiting here is the ancient fortress Narikala, which is reminiscent of the Kremlin. Fortifications of this historical monument was built over many centuries. So far failed to determine the date of construction of the first walls of the fortress, but references to the ancient records indicate that the strengthening of those already protected the city in the IV century. By the end of the XVIII century the castle acquired the form which has survived to the present time. Many of its buildings were damaged during the earthquake in 1827. At the end of the XX century were carried out restoration works Complained. Architects still managed only to restore the Church of St. Nicholas.

Narikala FortressNarikala Fortress

Tsminda Sameba

A pleasant experience will leave the guests of the Capital of Georgia, visiting the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. His construction of the city began to think in the 1990-ies. He soon decided to build a Shrine on the draft drawn up by Georgian architect Archil Mindiashvili. Construction work began in 1995. The temple was erected on the territory where earlier there was an old Armenian cemetery, which caused a wave of indignation among representatives of the Armenian Diaspora. But, despite all the difficulties, the temple was opened in 2004. Today, it delights residents and tourists with excellent appearance and impresses with rich interior.

Tsminda SamebaTsminda Sameba


Guests of Tbilisi should visit the oldest of all churches – Anchiskhati. The construction of this Orthodox Church was conducted in the VI century on the initiative of the king Giving Ujarmeli. It maintained for a long time Aniska icon that served as the basis for its name. During the raids of the Persians and the Turks, the Church was ruined several times, but every time restored. In the second half of the XVII century the temple was enlarged with a bell tower. At the end of the XIX century the Church was rebuilt, significantly distorting its original appearance. After the October revolution the Church was closed and given over to the Museum. In 1958 it began to undertake the restoration works. 6 years later the Church acquired, which had in the XVII century. Today it is open to parishioners.


The Temple Of Surb Gevorg

Deserves the attention of tourists is another Church, Tbilisi – the temple of Saint George. This Shrine was erected in the XIII century for the representatives of the Armenian Diaspora. For a long time of its existence, the Cathedral has been looted, but every time again restored. The Church has long been in ruins. The service ceased to be held after the conquest of the Persians. At the end of the eighteenth century from the temple were taken and all valuables on the orders of Aga-Mohammed-Khan, and its interior destroyed by fire. The last restoration of the Church was carried out in the beginning of the XXI century. To revive an ancient temple, over his reconstruction worked best Georgian, Armenian and Italian architects. After 3 years of restoration work in the Church again hosts the service. Tourists will be interesting appearance of the Shrine and its interior, in which there are fragments of ancient frescoes.

The Temple Of Surb GevorgThe Temple Of Surb Gevorg

Transfiguration monastery

A real delight guests of Tbilisi calls the visit to the Transfiguration monastery. The temple was founded in the XVIII century. To him was given the building, which previously housed a prison. The city also gave the Church a Palace. In the XIX century In the monastery opened a Seminary and parochial school. Under Soviet rule the Church was canceled. In 1991 he was again given to the Church. It resumed service. The monastery at the present time is the school in which trained nurses.

Transfiguration monasteryTransfiguration monastery

The Sioni Cathedral

The list of interesting places to visit Tbilisi is also the Temple of Sioni. This Cathedral was built in the XII century. Its history is full of tragic events. The Church was ruined several times by enemy forces and earthquakes. Each time he was able to recover. The last restoration was done in the Cathedral in 1980-ies. After the Shrine again acquired its perfect form in which clearly visible features of the middle Ages. Near the Cathedral you can admire the two bell towers, one of which was built in the XV century and consists of three tiers, and the second built in the XIX century.

The Sioni CathedralThe Sioni Cathedral


All guests of the capital of Georgia is recommended to visit the historical city district Metekhi. Here you can see the beautiful Church of the assumption, which is built on the crest of the Metekhi cliff overlooking the river Kura. The Church was built in the second half of the XIII century on the initiative of king Demeter II. In the XVII century around the Church was erected fortification walls, and the rock was turned into a fortress. In the nineteenth century, the Shrine was closed. Its walls were built barracks. In Soviet times, the Church even intended to carry, but local activists managed to save him. Near the Church you can see the monument to Vakhtang Gorgasali.


Memorial «History Of Georgia»

In 2003 in Tbilisi was created by another great landmark – the memorial «History of Georgia». The project of this wonderful ensemble was created by the talented architect Zurab Tsereteli. The memorial consists of 16 huge columns, which depict people who have left their mark in the history of Georgia, and the most important events of the country. Here you can also see figures of historical characters. This attraction is located on the hill and has amazing views of the city and the sea.

Memorial Memorial «History Of Georgia»

The great synagogue

In the Old town the tourists can see another attraction – the Great synagogue. A strict construction of this building ended in the early twentieth century. Visitors of the synagogue is striking in its rich interior. There are many gold-plated decorative elements. The last restoration of the temple was carried out in 2009. Since then, the synagogue is open for visits. Only on Saturday its doors closed, the other days of the week are here ready to welcome visitors.

Great synagogueThe great synagogue

The Church Of Saint David

A pleasant experience will leave tourists visiting the mountains Mtatsminda where you can see the Church of Saint David. Its construction ended in 1929. The temple was built on a place called the Pantheon of writers. Here are buried many writers, scientists and other famous personalities of the city. Some of the graves are in the Church. Many of the headstones here can be called real works of art. They were crafted by the most talented sculptors of Georgia.

The Church Of Saint DavidThe Church Of Saint David

Tbilisi mosque

When visiting the main sights of Tbilisi should visit city mosque, built in the XIX century. This is the only Orthodox temple of the city, which operates at the present time. The mosque was built on the hillside. The first building of the Islamic temple was built in the XVIII century. 5 years after the opening of the temple was in ruins during the battle with the Persians. After 100 years, the mosque was rebuilt. Soon it again was demolished and built the current building. The architecture of the mosque contains elements of Islamic and Gothic style. Its restoration took place. Today the mosque is open for visits.

Tbilisi mosqueTbilisi mosque

Presidential Palace

Beautiful building of the capital of Georgia is a Presidential Palace located in the historical part of the city. Work on its construction started in 2004. Initially it was planned to make the extension stood on the site of the building. In the end, it was decided to demolish the building and in its place create a new structure. The project tranporting horizontal buildings were designed by architect George Batiashvili. Later rebuilt the Palace under the guidance of the designer Mekele Where meadows invited from Italy. The roof of the building is decorated with impressive glass dome. At the entrance to the main building created an impressive pediment.

Presidential PalacePresidential Palace

Theatre of Opera and ballet. Paliashvili

Opera house in the capital of Georgia was founded in the mid-nineteenth century. More than 23 years on the stage were given representation. In 1874 the building was badly damaged by fire. Because many of the sets, costumes and musical instruments were destroyed, the theater is about 22 years remained closed. Its heyday was in the time of Soviet power. In this period, the theatre became the center of culture of Georgia. The interest is the building’s main Opera scene of the city, impresses with a unique architecture.

Theatre of Opera and ballet. PaliashviliTheatre of Opera and ballet. Paliashvili

Park Rica

To have fun in Tbilisi or just to walk and relax in nature, is to go to the Park Rike. There are all conditions that people of any age could find something interesting to do. In the Park you can just sit at the beautiful tables on benches. There is also a wall where everyone can enjoy rock climbing. In the evening visitors to the Park enjoy the beauty of a fountain. The Park was founded in 2010, and in a short time of its existence, has become a favorite holiday place for residents and visitors alike.

Park RicaPark Rica

Cities Of The World

One of the most popular attractions of Tbilisi is the modern bridge of Peace, which was opened in 2010. Wavy design with a length of 156 m. it connects the banks of the Kura river. Above the bridge has a glass finish which gives the building a special charm. From local residents the construction of structures has caused a mixed reaction. Many citizens believe that it has distorted the historic appearance of Tbilisi. According to other residents of the capital of Georgia, the Peace bridge is the highlight that attracts the attention of tourists. The monument really looks nice, and its worth a visit to all guests of the city.

Cities Of The WorldCities Of The World

New Theatre of music and drama

In the Rike Park, tourists can see the original structure made in the form of two jugs. This structure, built of glass and metal was designed by Italian architect Massimilano by Fuksas. Some Tbilisi residents believe the design of beautiful places, well blended into the landscape. Other citizens such construction is absolutely not like that. But the amazing architecture of this home is to admire.

New Theatre of music and dramaNew Theatre of music and drama

The Monument «Mother Of Kartli»

The symbol of Tbilisi there is a monument to «Mother of Kartli». The development of the project of the monument was entrusted to the sculptor Elguja Amashukeli. The original statue of a woman was made of wood. It was established in 1958. After 5 years it was replaced by an aluminum sculpture. Again the figure was altered in 1990, giving it a more modern look. The Cup is in the hands of women is a symbol of welcome to all guests arriving in the city with the world, and the sword is the answer for those who come with ill intentions.

The Monument The Monument «Mother Of Kartli»

Tbilisi funicular

To tourists who arrived in the capital of Georgia, it was easier to travel around the city, it was decided to build a funicular. In the early XX century cable car was commissioned. It allows for a few minutes to move from Rike Park on mount Mtatsminda. The interest to the tourists funicular station. The house on the hill has the shape of a tower and the lower building contains the features of pseudo-Mauritian style.

Tbilisi funicularTbilisi funicular

Cable car

To see the many sights of Tbilisi and to get quickly from Victory square to Narikala fortress, visitors to the city should take the cable car. It was first launched in 2012. Floors in rooms are made of durable glass. It allows tourists to consider all the interesting places under the cable car. Many guests of Tbilisi are trying to go in the booths to enjoy the feeling of flight. Work this city landmark begins at 11.00 and closes at 23.00.

Cable carCable car

Park Mtatsminda

Favorite place to visit among tourists, who arrived in Tbilisi is a city Park Matatsminda. It will be able to have fun with people of any age. Children will love the different attractions located in the Park. Adult travelers take a ride on the Ferris wheel with a magnificent view of the city. Admire the views of the Georgian capital you can with the top of the mountain. Many vacationers trying to get here in the evening when you can watch Tbilisi, surrounded by the magnificent glow of sunset.

Park MtatsmindaPark Mtatsminda

Botanical garden

To enjoy the local and exotic flora, guests should go to the Botanical garden, which is located in the historical part of Tbilisi. Its Foundation dates back to 1845. Earlier in his territory were located the Royal gardens. At the Botanical garden river Caucasicola. Its banks are here connected by three bridges. Many visitors like to walk the arched bridge, under which there is a picturesque waterfall. In the Botanical garden At the present time contains about 3500 species of plants.

Botanical gardenBotanical garden

Turtle lake

Relax and enjoy the views allows a visit to Turtle lake. This small pond is in the Northern part of mount Mtatsminda. Before the lake was home to many turtles, hence its name. It is equipped with pebble beach, which tourists and residents during the summer months. The lake water is replenished by mountain streams, so it is very clean. Here you can see the inhabitants of the pond, which float at the bottom.

Turtle lakeTurtle lake

Ethnographic Museum

Discover the history of Georgia and the coloring of this wonderful country in the ethnographic Museum. It is situated on the territory, covering an area of 52 ha. In the Museum there are 70 historic buildings that were brought here from different parts of the country. In each of the houses, a Museum which houses ancient furniture and various household items. The main attraction of the Museum is a Shrine in which is the sarcophagus of VI-VII centuries.

Ethnographic MuseumEthnographic Museum

Vake Park

In 1946 in Tbilisi was founded Vake Park, which today is a favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors alike. When this place was a wasteland. The construction work of the Park began with the draining of the territory. They were carried out according to the project drafted by the architect K. Dgebuadze. After creating an appropriate cover soil on an area of 20 hectares, it was planted huge amount of trees of different species and ornamental shrubs. Also in the Park was undeveloped walking paths and places for recreation.

Vake ParkVake Park

Park», Mushtaidi»

It’s nice to spend time in another city Park», Mushtaidi». There is a legend that the first gardens were created by the Persians Aga Morpeth Multidom. They were planted in honor of his wife, who very early passed away. In the mid-nineteenth century the gardens became city property. Local authorities decided to create the Park. In this place were entertaining the dignitaries who arrived in the country. The Park was named in honor of its founder, Moustaid. After the October revolution it was renamed in honor of S. Ordzhonikidze. At the present time the Park was returned to its first name.

Park Park», Mushtaidi»

Liberty Square

Guests often visit Tbilisi Freedom square, which is located in the Central part of the city. Previously, it was called the caravanserai and was located in front of the gate of the fortress. Soon, the fortifications were demolished, and around the square began to build buildings. In the late nineteenth century the square was paved with stones. Shops that operate on its territory, was moved to another location. After the October revolution of the square, a monument to Lenin. In 2006, in its place was established a monument, decorated with gilded figure of Saint George who kills the dragon.

Svobodi Square.Liberty Square

The state Museum of Georgia

Will allow tourists to learn the history of Tbilisi and whole Georgia State Museum. It was opened in the mid-nineteenth century. In its collections during its existence, gathered a huge amount of valuable exhibits. Impressive rich collection of 80 thousand coins, most of which was produced by a Georgian artist. Here you can see the vintage jewelry that have been found in the V century. The Museum contains a rich collection of Urartian inscriptions made on the rocks. To accommodate all of the Museum exhibits were given to several city buildings.

The state Museum of Georgia

The Museum of creative arts

For the first time in Tbilisi, the art gallery was established in 1920. Her collection was assembled by young artists of Georgia. After 3 years, it was decided to establish a Museum of fine arts. Many connoisseurs of paintings donated to the Museum of paintings collected in private collections. In 1945 the Museum was returned to the works of art, taken in France in 1921. Today the Museum has about 140 thousand pictures. Here there are the most valuable works of artists from Georgia, Russia and Europe.

The Museum of creative artsThe Museum of creative arts

Canyons Of Birtvisi

To see many wonderful sights are in and around the capital of Georgia. Extremely interesting is the visit to the canyons of Birtvisi. This is a beautiful natural area rich in subtropical vegetation and majestic cliffs. In Birtvisi there are historical monuments. Being here, you should spend time visiting the ruins of the ancient fortress. It was built on the hard rocks, which greatly increased its defense ability. Its walls remained impregnable during the Mongol invasions.

Canioni BirtvisiCanyons Of Birtvisi

The capital of Georgia is a very interesting city to visit. Every tourist will be able to find many great places, familiarity with which will leave a lot of positive impressions. You can verify this by seeing the photo and description of the main attractions of the city include in the article. It will be interesting to not only see these places but also get acquainted with their history, so a visit to Tbilisi, it is better to allocate a few days.

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