Stylish street fashion

Every fashionista, in addition to office, home and holiday clothing needs to be clothing for going outside. Because that is where the girl can show how good and stylish she knows how to dress. Such clothes include a variety of coats, jackets, skirts, pants and shoes. But it is necessary to know how to choose the right bow.

Street fashion is very affordable and stylish in which you can combine different things in different directions that allows you to create your unique image.

Street fashion 2016-2017

But in order to look stylish, you need to try, because it does not always work to create the right image.

Current trends

Spring, autumn and winter are mainly created bows, which are the most common jacket, coat, coats, jackets and other outerwear. This season is very relevant leather jackets, Lacy peplum that will accentuate your waist and give volume to the hips. The coat will look great with a flounce at the hem.

Casual wear does not have to be dull and boring. Of course, slush is very difficult to maintain a pure white coat, but when the snow falls, it would look great with bright accessories.

Street style 2016-2017

In autumn and winter, you can safely play with colours. But the most relevant are green, blue and red colors. But do not forget about the classic black and white, they perfectly complement each other.

Early in the spring and summer you can combine different things opposite styles. Therefore it is possible to combine jeans with a business jacket style and shirt color of the jacket. As well safe bet is knit large knitted sweater, black pants and shoes heel.

If we talk about summer coat with 3/4 length sleeves it can be worn over dresses with long sleeves or pants that will be just below the coat. In summer you can play with the choice of clothes, it can be sundresses, shirts, skirts, lightweight pants. Do not forget that choosing the outfit, you should not overdo it with color, not too gaudy. Better to stick to the rules 2-3 shades or gradient transition, but in 2-3 colors.

Examples of street fashion 2016-2017

How to choose the right clothes for walking and work

Stylists recommend to have each girl outerwear different directions to avoid identical coats, but with different fur. Before you choose a wardrobe, you need to figure out what style of life of the girl and what she prefers.

The best base will be a combination of sportswear with classic. Of sportswear, you can take a jacket, quilted vest. But from classic set » coat to the lower leg, short coat, cloak.

Underneath you can wear a classic suit-«three» — this will be the basis, as you can easily combine the pants, skirt and jacket. You will need to purchase a different skirt, it can be classic and sporty. A classic skirt will look good with sweaters, t-shirts and shirts.

Casual street style

It should be noted that you need to choose the right accessories and shoes. Before buying shoes, and accessories, you need to choose a basic wardrobe capsule. If you correctly pick the right parts, it is possible to combine clothes from different «operas». Shoes and handbag can take on the tone of the basic image.

Rough and bulky shoes excellent will look great in the chosen way. A great option would be the selection of ballet shoes, sneakers and boots.

Street fashion and urban urban environment

In street style, there is the principle of layering. For example, you can not tie one scarf, and a few, but they must be small and light. Over the top experiment, under a jacket wear a t-shirt or a shirt that will peek out from under her.

Do not be afraid to experiment when choosing casual clothing.

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