Strabismus in a child – causes and treatment

The health and happiness of the child is invaluable for every parent, but sooner or later, have to face the unpleasant complications of the disease.

In this article you can learn about this form of ophthalmic disease, such as strabismus.


Strabismus in children

In today’s world the diagnosis of strabismus is voiced often. In addition to aesthetic defect, it represents a serious threat to health.

In the best case, the child slightly weakened eyesight, and it remains forever in the worst variant, the disease progresses and the vision continues to decline constantly, interfering with normal life and development of the baby.

Strabismus is translated from Greek as a «curve». Disease is a wrong position of the visual axes of the eyes, which in turn makes it difficult to focus both eyes on the subject of view.

The main symptom manifests itself as asymmetric location of the pupils relative to the angle and the eyelid margin. One or both eyes begin to «swim,» to deviate to the side.

Strabismus in children

This position of the eyes often found in infants up to 6 months because of the unstable muscle function of the eyes and the peculiar shape of the nose.

Usually, after 7-8 months of this defect disappears if the baby does not suffer from kosolaposti. In cases where squints one eye, the second, healthy, takes on a dual role, trying to compensate the work of visual function, and, as a result, strabismus can develop on it.

Kosolaposti is of two types:

  • congenital,
  • purchased.

The first type (congenital strabismus), is characterized by the presence of symptoms with the child’s birth or manifests before six months of life.

Acquired strabismus is characterized by a later timing of the appearance of symptoms after 2-3 years.

Strabismus in children

Mainly dominated by convergent strabismus (towards the nose), on the second place – at odds, sometimes your doctor may diagnosis of vertical strabismus, which, in turn, can be a deviation up or down.

If the child has a deviation only in one eye, then squints his eyes practically ceases to participate in a functional process, and such condition is diagnosed as amblyopia.

In this case, the patient’s vision eyes can almost disappear. When the baby strabismus alternately with both eyes, then this complication is only in the form of light.

Strabismus in children

Causes of strabismus of both types can be:

  • distortion of vision (myopia, farsightedness);
  • traumatic episodes;
  • paralysis;
  • developmental pathology of the eye muscles;
  • Central nervous system diseases;
  • regular stress cases psychological and emotional problems (fright);
  • infectious disease;
  • sudden decreased vision in one eye.

Features of treatment of this disease can be divided into conservative and surgical. When conservative treatment using stimulation of the patient’s eyes with special devices.

Strabismus in children

Application of the method of closing the healthy eye ophthalmic armbands or stickers, wearing properly selected doctor points.

If this treatment does not work, prescribe surgery. Anesthesia for a child is used only General, minimal risk and minimal consequences.

During the operation, which lasts a short time, the surgeon corrects the condition and tension of the eye muscles, then usually comes the restoration of function of the patient eye fully.

For the baby, of course, stress, but in a hospital usually holding 3 days. Another 2 weeks of recovery drugs, and after 3 weeks there comes a full recovery.

The opinion of many parents that strabismus to treat is not necessary, is incorrect. The faster the treatment, the more likely it is to defeat this disease without surgical intervention.

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