Stars out of hotels in Vietnam

Experienced travelers, which Turkey and Egypt have time to get bored, you should pay attention to Vietnam. The main advantage of this country — the combination of pristine nature. It’s easy to find a five-star hotel in the middle of the jungle, but with a perfect interior and service. We hope that our rating of hotels in Vietnam will help you to determine the best places to stay.

Nha Trang is the main resort in Vietnam. The once small fishing village has evolved into the jewel of the country. Semikilometrovaya plot of land is densely Packed and at every step you will find a hotel that can meet all of your requirements.


1 Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang 5*

Vinpearl Resort & SPA 5*, Nha Trang

This is two hotels belonging to one owner, only SPA is the usual five, located in an older house and the new Luxury can rightly be considered the most luxurious hotel in Vietnam.


Hotel Luxury is located on the island of hon tre, which means «pearl island». The area is quite large, and the Windows of each of the 500 rooms with round the clock service be sure to go to the mountains and the sea.

The hotel had its own kilometre beach, owned by the richest man in Vietnam. On the mainland you can get from the territory as a boat and a free cable car (20 minutes), and the second path is chosen by all the tourists.


For entertainment guests are welcome to visit the whole complex VINPERL LAND — similar to Disneyland, which will be interesting for both adults and children, day and night. Aqua and Luna Park, the Dolphinarium, the show of singing fountains and the aquarium there’s definitely never get bored and you can stock up impressions for years to come.

Vinpearl Land

Free Spa facilities at the hotel will give you a lot of pleasant moments women whose husbands at this time will be to conquer the rides.

2 Galliot 4* Nha Trang

Despite the missing star, there are excellent conditions for living. It is a new hotel of 2013, and its 134 rooms offer guests a variety of opportunities for a good holiday.


The hotel is situated in the heart of Nha Trang, in the European quarter, and then to explore local attractions and visit the local restaurants to be convenient. The hotel is on the second line (to the sea about 300 meters), a 15-storey building, which offers a magnificent view of the sea and the mountains.

The main highlight is the rooftop pool with warm water, lying in which you will feel at altitude and the top of the bliss.


3 Sheraton Nha Trang 5* Nha Trang

The hotel of premium class, one of the most stylish and beautiful in the city. 234 rooms are divided into several categories, ranging from apartments and ending with economy class), but each offers a magnificent view from the balcony to the sea. Close to city centre shopping and plenty of entertainment.


Here is the best bar on the coast, Altitude, located on the 28th floor — the best place for a romantic date. Sitting in it, you can feel on the roof of the world, or at least Vietnam. Especially beautiful to observe the surroundings during sunrise or sunset.


4 Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang 5* Kamran

On a former U.S. military base on a small island is the hotel, which consists of small one-storey cottages. While staying in them you will find yourself in another world — surrounded by tropical forest with lots of greenery, flowers and natural colors. You will be in the jungle but in comfort. Animation is missing, so that you have more time to feel alone with nature.

Evason Ana-Mandara-Nha-Trang

The hotel has just 17 villas, but each with its own terrace and private access to the beach. The chef in the restaurant can prepare for you any dish of the national cuisine that you want. The hotel has Russian speaking staff, so all the problems are solved very quickly.

5 Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc 4* Phu Quoc Island

The sea and the jungle will be your neighbors for all the holidays. Professional divers and fans from all over the world come here to plunge into the crystal clear water of the South China sea. Each Villa is situated on the beach, so Breakfast with sea view — one of the things about this hotel that is in addition to the impeccable service.

Chen Sea Resort&Spa Phu Phu

6 Saigon Phu Quoc Resort & Spa 4*, Phu Quoc Island

The hotel is situated on the seafront, surrounded by greenery. From every window offers stunning views of mountains with forests on one side, and sandy beaches with coral reefs. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities — water skiing, fishing, parachuting. Tourists free use of canoes and kayaks. Spa with range of treatments will surprise experienced in these matters woman.

Ho Chi Minh City-Phu Phu Resort&Spa

7 Crazy House, Dalat

In the French city of Vietnam, among waterfalls and monasteries at altitude fifteen hundred meters, the hotel is located is included in top 10 most strange buildings of the world.


This is a hotel and art gallery in one person, the most visited place in the city. The level of service is three, but the number of emotions that can give the tourist, he has no equal.

Crazy house — the name comes incredibly of this institution, of the mixture of surrealism with expressionism, inspired by the ideas of Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi. All rooms themed in the style of a kangaroo, an ant, an eagle, a tiger, with appropriate furniture and entourage.

If you want to touch the unknown, to ride on elephants, swim in a tropical sea and to breathe healthy air— welcome to Vietnam!

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