Standards of male beauty in different countries

If you meet people of different nationalities, they will differ from each other. Each country has different type of men, his concept of beauty. Let us look at this issue in more detail.

1. Australia


Australians are very sexy. If you look at the actors from this country, they always fall into the list of the most beautiful people in the world. Take brothers Hemsworth. The terrain of the body, the obligatory presence of abs, pumped up body, have with Australian men. They spent most of the day spend on the beach, surfing and exercising. Men of Australia do not hesitate to visit cosmetologists and don’t forget about the plastic surgery. Many famous people from this country «under the knife» to look more attractive. Australians are quite high. Men are usually not below 175 centimetres tall.

2. Korea


In countries such as Korea, Japan and China are a symbol of beauty men. Usually looking for the ideal in pop culture, which is very popular nowadays. Men, do not hesitate to use makeup. Sometimes they put more on the face and body than Koreans! Nothing wrong with that. All are loyal to the Koreans who use cosmetic products for skin care face and body. Young people in Korea do not stop using lip gloss, eye shadow, hair and eyebrows with special gels. In Korea it is customary to see a man clean-shaven and well-groomed. No excess vegetation on the body and face. Korean should be «smooth». Annually a lot of men in Korea to become even more beautiful, use the services of plastic surgeons. Eyelid surgery, wrinkles, remove excess skin from the face and not only face it all they do. Different «beauty shots» is also held in high esteem.

3. India


Though fans are used to seeing real men, males, fighters in Indian films, and then the male half of humanity does not forget to care for themselves. More than half of the cosmetics for men are manufactured and sold in India. Men use various means for hair, creams and gels are no less women! To change style, haircut, try different styling, and even coloring hair is considered the norm in India.

4. Russia


In Russia, women find real men strong, healthy and large. Moreover, all this applies not only appearance, but also social status. A man must be not only handsome, athletic developed, but also to occupy a high position in society. Light or dark hair, big strong hands, confident the heavy tread — this is the ideal in the minds of many Russian women. But the makeup of the Russian heroes to use shy, don’t like, ignore this question. And all this happens in spite of the growth of the network of beauty salons, and not only in the capital but also in other more or less developed cities. Most Russian men don’t even want to smear lip gloss, to make them softer, not to mention the rest. In the field of cosmetology for men in our country are still difficult. No powder or peeling of the face. High — toothpaste, shaving foam, Cologne.

5. France


French beauties are always groomed and sexy. No wonder they wear the title of world cheats. Male from France regularly gets manicures and pedicures, follows the appearance of his beard, hair. Light stubble gives it a special charm. If we talk about the wardrobe of a French beauty, and there you can find a variety of scarves, shawls, gloves, goggles and hats. The men of this country your way, always thinking about the details.

6. UK


In this country, men often use the Solarium or cause tanning. With light skin doesn’t want to walk anybody. Beard, tattoos are the main attributes of «beauty in English.» A good example is the famous footballer David Beckham. It just loves the female half of this country.

7. Italy


The Italians love fashion, follow the latest trends, carefully selecting your image. Men Italy always take care of themselves, visit a cosmetologist, but at the same time, do not lose their masculinity. The Italians always retained a strong and stately in the eyes of their women.

8. United States Of America

United States Of America

When the fashion was metrosexuals, but now they changed lumbarsacral. Beefy men, big (in the truest sense of the word), tattooed and with a beard — here is a typical modern American. Shirt in plaid and denim jeans straight style worn in all States, ranging from Utah, ending with Manhattan.

9. Brazil


A typical man from Brazil has brown hair, light eyes and dark skin color. It is such a mix of different Nations, it turns out very nicely. Brazilians also don’t forget about the plastic surgeons do nose, neck, lips, eye and so on. If women Brazilians usually have extra weight, men with the forms all in order.

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